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Price List
(As of April 2010) 

Important Note : For further advice about this List, please see the List Advice Page    


Prices charged generally reflect all handling and search fees, as well as packing and UK postal charges. Please bear in mind that where possible we will give you a certain amount of information free of charge. However, photocopies or email attachments, or transcriptions will be charged for.

For postal charges outwith the UK, please note that an additional charge
may be made. We will inform you of any extra payment when your copy document order is confirmed, or upon request.

A4 photocopies 1-5 pages =  7.50

A3 photocopies 1-2 pages = 7.50

A4 scanned images 2 pages = 7.50

A4 photocopies 6-10 pages = 11.00 

A3 photocopies 3-5 pages = 11.00

A4 scanned images 3-5 pages = 11.00

Copy pages exceeding these amounts will be given an individual personal quotation.

If you only require one (1) A4 page as a scanned jpeg image, and pay via PayPal, the charge will be 5.00 GBS


Date last modified: Sat 01 Jun 13