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RULE FOR ASCERTAINING THE WEIGHT OF HAY. - Measure the length and breadth of the stack;* then take its height from the ground to the eaves, and and to this last one-half of the height from the eaves to the top ; multiply the length by the breadth, and the product by the height, all expressed in feet; divide the amount by 27, to find the cubic yards, which multiply by the number of stones supposed to be in a cubic yard (viz., in a stack of new hay, 6 stones of 22 lb. avoir each ; if the stack has stood some time, 8 stones; and if old hay, 9 stones), and you have the weight in stones. For example, if a stack be 60 feet in length, 30 in breadth, 12 feet in height from the ground to the eaves, and 9 (the half of which is 4) from the eaves to the top; then 60 x 30 x 16 = 29,700 27 = 1,100 x 9 = 9,900 stones of old hay.

* stack in this sense means a haystack




Date last modified: Sat 01 Jun 13