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Legal records relating mainly to Wells & Wookey Hole, County Somerset, England, ca. 1777-1849
(Inventory No 004 - Main Information)

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Row Name (Business - Personal - Place) Exact Names Title & Letters After Name Address County / Country Business Occupation, Profession or Status Year
1Andrews, BenjaminBenjamin Andrews––WellsSomerset, EnglandGentleman1813 (1782)
2Aslett, R?R? Aslett––––EnglandFor the Governor of the Bank of England1800
3Band, EdwardEdward Band––Wookey HoleSomerset, England––1813 (1782)
4Benning, RobertRobert Benning––Wookey HoleSomerset, EnglandTenant1800
5Butten, JohnJohn Butten––Wookey HoleSomerset, England––1813 (1782)
6Coles, AnnAnn Coles––of Wookey HoleSomerset, England––1813 (1782)
7Coles, JosephJoseph Coles––of Wookey HoleSomerset, EnglandPaper Maker1813 (1782)
8Coles, JosephJoseph Coles––Out Parish of St Cuthbert in WellsSomerset, EnglandPaper Maker1800
9Coles, MaryMary ColesMrs : WidowWells : Parish of WookeySomerset, England––1849
10Comer, JamesJames Comer––WookeySomerset, England––1849
11Cornwall, Charles WolfranCharles Wolfran Cornwall––––England––1800 (1777)
12Dendy, SamSam Dendy––Breams Buildings, Chancery Lane, London?EnglandClerk to John Desse1800
13Desse, JohnJohn Desse––Breams Buildings, Chancery Lane, London?EnglandGentleman1800
14Dowling, JohnJohn Dowling––Out Parish of St Cuthbert in WellsSomerset, EnglandSurveyor1800
15Dundee, ThomasThomas Dundee––––England––1800 (1777)
16Garnett, Edward (Edwd)Edward Garnett (Edwd)––Breams Buildings, Chancery Lane, London?EnglandClerk to John Desse1800
17Goodden, WyndhamWyndham Goodden––––EnglandCommissioner of Land Tax relating to Somerset1800
18Hobbs, Samuel (Saml)Samuel Hobbs (Saml)––WellsSomerset, EnglandSolicitor1849
19Jones, WilliamWilliam JonesYoungerWells : property of Horse BatchSomerset, EnglandServant1849 (1830)
20Lewis, ThomasThomas Lewis––––England––1800 (1793)
21Lloyd, ThomasThomas Lloyd––––EnglandGentleman1800 (1793)
22Morgan, GeorgeGeorge Morgan––Easton, Out Parish of St Cuthbert, WellsSomerset, EnglandLabourer1849
23Popham, AlexanderAlexander Popham––––England––1800 (1777)
24Radcliffe, ? B? B Radcliffe––––EnglandLand Tax Register Office1800
25Raynard, ?? Raynard––Wookey HoleSomerset, England––1849
26Rich, GeorgeGeorge Rich––Liberty of St Andrew in WellsSomerset, EnglandGentleman & Attorney?1800
27Savage, JacobJacob Savage––Wookey : property of Horse BatchSomerset, EnglandMason1849 (1830)
28Schomberg, IsaacIsaac Schomberg––––England––1800 (1777)
29Sherston, PeterPeter Sherston––––Englanda Commissioner of Land Tax relating to Somerset1800
30Smith, Thomas (Thos)Thomas Smith (Thos)––StoweySomerset, EnglandAttorney at Law1800
31Sprague, Elizabeth (ms) BartlettElizabeth Sprague (ms) Bartlett ––Wookey HoleSomerset, England––1813 (1782)
32Sprague, Joseph ColesJoseph Coles Sprague––Dulcot (late of) : then Wookey Hole, Out Parish of St CuthbertSomerset, EnglandPaper Maker1813 (1782)
33Spranger, JohnJohn Spranger––London?Englanda Master of High Court of Chancery1800 (1793)
34Taylor, Charles WilliamCharles William Taylor––of Rotherfield Park, Parish of East TistedSouthampton County, England––1800 (1775)
35Taylor, Francis JaneFrancis Jane Taylor––––England––1800 (1777)
36Taylor, PeterPeter Taylorthe late?of Purbrook ParkSouthampton County, England––1800 (1775)
37Taylor, Robert ParisRobert Paris Taylor––––England––1800 (1777)
38Tovey, ?? Tovey––WookeySomerset, England––1849
39Tutton, JosephJoseph Tutton––WookeySomerset, England––1849
40Walker, ThomasThomas Walker––London?EnglandAccountant General of High Court of Chancery1800 (1793)
41Walker, ThomasThomas WalkerYoungerLondon?England––1800 (1793)
42White, IsaacIsaac White––WellsSomerset, EnglandGentleman1813 (1782)
43Whiting, GeorgeGeorge Whiting––Pookwell Close, parish of WookeySomerset, England––1849
44Willis, JJ Willis––––England––1800 (1793)


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