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Legal Disposition by John Alexander, Portioner of Menstrie, Clackmannanshire, to John Dowie, Portioner of Kinross, Kinross-shire, 1763
(Inventory No 005 - Main Information)

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Row Name (Business - Personal - Place) Exact Names Title & Letters After Name Address County / Country Business Occupation, Profession or Status Year
1Alexander, JohnJohn Alexander––MenstrieClackmannanshire, ScotlandPortioner1763
2Dougal, JohnJohn Dougal––KinrossKinross-shire, ScotlandPortioner1763
3Dowie, JohnJohn Dowie––KinrossKinross-shire, ScotlandPortioner1763
4Eason, JamesJames Eason––Kinross & Stirling? (area around)Scotlandlegal connection?1763
5Eason, MichaelMichael Eason––StirlingStirlingshire, ScotlandMerchant1763
6Edward, JamesJames Edward––KinrossKinross-shire, ScotlandWriter1763
7Finlayson, RobertRobert Finlayson––StirlingStirlingshire, ScotlandWriter1763
8Flockhart, JohnJohn Flockhart––KinrossKinross-shire, ScotlandBrewer1763
9Forman, JamesJames Forman––Path foot (area of Kinross)?Kinross-shire?, ScotlandFarmer1763
10Jamieson, JamesJames Jamieson––KinrossKinross-shire, ScotlandWheel Wright1763
11Linday, ThomasThomas Linday––KinrossKinross-shire, ScotlandNotary1763
12Steedman, Robert?Robert? Steedman––KinrossKinross-shire, ScotlandCutler : Baillie to John Dowie1763


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