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Two legal documents relating to Nateby, Westmorland, England, 1791 & 1856.
(Inventory No 007 - Main Information)

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Row Name (Business - Personal - Place) Exact Names Title & Letters After Name Address County / Country Business Occupation, Profession or Status Year
1Bewley, ThomasThomas Bewley––––England––1856
2Black Bull Inn––––NatebyWestmorland, England––1856
3Brown, GeorgeGeorge Brown––Kirkby StephenWestmorland, EnglandAgent for William Thompson of Manchester1856
4Dawson, EdwardEdward Dawson––Nateby (Manor of)Westmorland, England––1791
5Fothergill, ?? FothergillMrsSunderlandDurham Co., England––1856
6Fothergill, PhilipPhilip Fothergill––Broad Ing, NatebyWestmorland, EnglandTenant of this property, surrendered by Edward Dawson1791
7Hooper & Sons––––45 Fleet Street, London?EnglandWholesale Stationers1856
8Kirkby Stephen (school house)––––Kirkby Stephen (school house)Westmorland, EnglandSchool1791
9Lonsdale : James (Lowther)James : Lonsdale (James Lowther)Earl of +NatebyWestmorland, EnglandLord of the Manor of Nateby1791
10Nateby (a place)––––Enclosures = Back Harred, Broad Ing, Harred, High Field, Little Borrow? Acre & ToftsWestmorland, England––1856
11Reed, Nicholas CornerNicholas Corner Reed––SunderlandDurham Co., EnglandSolicitor, Gentleman & Agent for Mrs Fothergill1856
12Thompson, WilliamWilliam Thompson––13 Bridge Street, Green Hays, ManchesterEngland––1856
13Wheatley, GeorgeGeorge Wheatley––NatebyWestmorland, EnglandSteward of Manor of Nateby1791


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