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Eight legal documents relating mainly to Lincolnshire, England, 1780 (inc. 1750) -1886.
(Inventory No 008 - Main Information)

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Row Name (Business - Personal - Place) Exact Names Title & Letters After Name Address County / Country Business Occupation, Profession or Status Year
1Allen, ThomasThomas Allen––SaltbyLeicestershire, EnglandMason1821
2Allen, ThomasThomas Allen––––EnglandFarmer1821 (1817)
3Andrews, Stephen WilsonStephen Wilson Andrews––Bourn, Manor of Bourn Abbotts (property there)Lincolnshire, England––1865
4Angel Inn––––Bourn AbbottsLincolnshire, EnglandInn1865
5Atlay, RichardRichard AtlayReverendLincoln?Lincolnshire, EnglandClergyman : Clerk & a Surrogate of William Battine1805
6Barber, JohnJohn Barber––RopsleyLincolnshire, EnglandTenant?1866
7Barwis, GeorgeGeorge Barwis––––England––1821
8Battine, WilliamWilliam Battine––Lincoln?Lincolnshire, EnglandDoctor of Laws, Vicar General + to George, Bishop of Lincoln1805
9Bell, John LeonardJohn Leonard Bell––Bourn Abbotts (Manor of)Lincolnshire, EnglandGentleman & Steward of the Manor1865
10Boardman, WilliamWilliam Boardman––Deeping St JamesLincolnshire, EnglandTenant?1874
11Brewster, GeorgeGeorge Brewster––Corby (property there)Lincolnshire, England––1821
12Brown, FrancisFrancis Brown––––Lincolnshire?, EnglandGentleman & Attorney for Samuel & Ann Medcalf of Market Deeping1874
13Brown, MauriceMaurice Brown––PeterboroughNorthamptonshire, EnglandSolicitor1876 / 1886
14Buck, JamesJames Buck––Deeping St JamesLincolnshire, EnglandTenant?1886
15Buck, JohnJohn Buck––Deeping St JamesLincolnshire, EnglandBuilder of property1886
16Clifford––Lord & LadyCorby (property there)Lincolnshire, England––1821 (1817)
17Cummings, JamesJames Cummings––Deeping St James (property there)Lincolnshire, England––1874
18Dennis, JohnJohn Dennis––Ropsley (property there)Lincolnshire, England––1866
19Exeter––Marquis ofEastgate of Bourn (property there)Lincolnshire, England––1805
20Fall?, J MJ M Fall?––GranthamLincolnshire, EnglandClerk to Messrs Manners & Son, Solicitors1866
21Fardell, JohnJohn Fardell––LincolnLincolnshire, EnglandNotary Public & Deputy Registrar of the Consistory Court1805
22Fielding, JosephJoseph Fielding––Deeping St JamesLincolnshire, EnglandTenant?1886
23Fielding, ThomasThomas Fielding––Deeping St JamesLincolnshire, EnglandTenant?1874
24Hawley, WilliamWilliam Hawley––CorbyLincolnshire, England––1821
25Hemfrey, JohnJohn Hemfrey––Deeping St JamesLincolnshire, EnglandTenant?1886
26King, Mary EleanorMary Eleanor King––PeterboroughNorthamptonshire, England––1876 / 1886
27Knight, Jane & SusannaJane & Susanna KnightMissesBoothby PagnellLincolnshire, England––1821
28Lane, Thomas AngellThomas Angell Lane (business?)––of Holbeach : Deeping St JamesLincolnshire, EnglandDraper1874
29Leward?, C?C? Leward?––––England––1821
30Lewin, JosephJoseph Lewin––RopsleyLincolnshire, EnglandWheelwright1866
31Lincoln : George (Pretyman Tomline)George (Pretyman Tomline) : Lincoln(Sir) : Lord Bishop ofLincolnLincolnshire, EnglandClergyman +1805
32Lowe, JohnJohn Lowe––StamfordLincolnshire, England––1805
33Lowe, MaryMary LoweWidowStamfordLincolnshire, England––1805
34Lowe, ThomasThomas Lowethe lateStamfordLincolnshire, England––1805
35Manners & Son––MessrsGranthamLincolnshire, EnglandSolicitors1866
36Manners, JohnJohn Manners––GranthamLincolnshire, EnglandGentleman1866
37Manners, ThomasThomas Manners––Grantham : RopsleyLincolnshire, EnglandGentleman1866
38Medcalf, AnnAnn Medcalf––Market DeepingLincolnshire, England––1874
39Medcalf, John GeorgeJohn George Medcalf––Market Deeping : Deeping St JamesLincolnshire, EnglandAuctioneer1886
40Medcalf, Samuel JocelynSamuel Jocelyn Medcalf––Market Deeping : Deeping St JamesLincolnshire, EnglandAuctioneer1874
41Mitton, AnnAnn Mittonthe lateWelbournLincolnshire, England––1780
42Mitton, ElizabethElizabeth Mitton––StubtonLincolnshire, England––1780
43Mitton, JohnJohn Mitton––of Stubton : Dry DoddingtonLincolnshire, EnglandYeoman1780
44Mitton, RobertRobert Mitton––of LentonNottinghamshire, EnglandYeoman1780 (1750)
45Mitton, WilliamWilliam Mittonthe lateWelbournLincolnshire, EnglandGrazier1780 (1750)
46Musson, JohnJohn Musson––CorbyLincolnshire, EnglandTenant1821 (1817)
47Norman, GeorgeGeorge Norman––Bourn Abbots (some connection to)Lincolnshire, England––1865
48Parker, JohnJohn Parker––EdenhamLincolnshire, EnglandGentleman1805 (1785)
49Peach, Francis ThompsonFrancis Thompson Peach––North Street, BournLincolnshire, EnglandTenant1865
50Peake, HenryHenry Peake––East & West Deeping (Manor of)Lincolnshire, EnglandDeputy Steward of the Manor1874
51Pepper, WilliamWilliam Pepper––Dry DoddingtonLincolnshire, EnglandYeoman1780
52Pochin, William AnnWilliam Ann PochinEsq. & Lord of the ManorBourn Abbotts (Manor of)Lincolnshire, England––1865
53Porter, John ThorpeJohn Thorpe Porter––Deeping St JamesLincolnshire, England––1886 (1876)
54Presgrave, EdwardEdward Presgrave––of Tongue, parish of BournLincolnshire, EnglandFarmer1805
55Presgrave, JohnJohn Presgrave––Bourn : Eastgate of Born (property there)Lincolnshire, EnglandFarmer1805
56Reynolds, RobertRobert Reynolds––of BarrowbyLincolnshire, EnglandYeoman1821
57Richardson, JohnJohn Richardson––of Syston : Ropsley (property there)Lincolnshire, EnglandGamekeeper1866
58Roberts, JohnJohn Roberts––––England––1805
59Rowcliffe & Lambert (business)?––––Deeping St JamesLincolnshire, England––1874
60Rutland––Duke ofRopsley (property there)Lincolnshire, England––1866
61Savage, Joseph MeeksJoseph Meeks Savage––Sheffield : Deeping St James (tenant of property there)Yorkshire & Lincolnshire, EnglandDraper's Assistant1874
62Savage, KeziaKezia Savage––Deeping St James (property there)Lincolnshire, EnglandTenant?1874
63Smith, GeorgeGeorge Smith––Deeping St James (property there)Lincolnshire, EnglandTenant?1886
64Tallents, Phil.Phil. Tallents––Dry Doddington?Lincolnshire, England––1780
65Taylor, TomTom Taylor––Deeping St James (property there)Lincolnshire, EnglandTenant?1886
66Teat, ElizabethElizabeth TeatWidowNorth Street, BournLincolnshire, EnglandTenant?1865 -
67Teat, JohnJohn Teat––North Street, BournLincolnshire, EnglandTenant?1865 -
68Teat, ThomasThomas Teat––North Street, BournLincolnshire, EnglandTenant1865 (1858)
69Thorpe JohnJohn Thorpe––Deeping Saint James Lincolnshire, EnglandPorter1886 (1876)
70Thorpe, WilliamWilliam Thorpe––Bourn (property in Eastgate of Bourn)Lincolnshire, EnglandDraper1805
71Toller, BrownlowBrownlow TollerReverendof StamfordLincolnshire, EnglandClergyman : Clerk1805 (1785)
72Watton, ?? WattonWidowNorth Street, BournLincolnshire, EnglandTenant?1865
73Wherry, JohnJohn Wherry––Deeping St James (property there)Lincolnshire, England––1874
74Willders, John WarinJohn Warin Wilders––East & West DeepingLincolnshire, EnglandGentleman & Deputy Steward of the Manor1874
75Williams, Theos.Theos. Williams––––England––1805
76Wilson, JamesJames Wilson––Dry Doddington?Lincolnshire, England––1780
77Wilson, John TryonJohn Tryon Wilson––14 Cambridge Street, Kingston-upon-Hull (Hull) : Deeping St James (property there)Yorkshire & Lincolnshire, EnglandClerk in Holy Orders1886
78Wyles, John AlfredJohn Alfred Wyles––Deeping St James (property there)Lincolnshire, England––1874


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