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Two legal documents relating mainly to Lincolnshire, England, 1815 (inc. 1798) & 1840.
(Inventory No 010 - Main Information)

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Row Name (Business - Personal - Place) Exact Names Title & Letters After Name Address County / Country Business Occupation, Profession or Status Year
1Allen, ThomasThomas Allen––SaltbyCo. Leicester, EnglandFarmer1815
2Arundell, HenryHenry ArundellRt Hon. : LordCorby Co. Lincoln, England––1815 (1798)
3Arundell, Mary ChristinaMary Christina ArundellLady––Co. Lincoln, England––1815 (1798)
4Barnard, JohnJohn Barnard––––England––1815
5Brewster, GeorgeGeorge Brewster––CorbyCo. Lincoln, England––1815
6Bullimore, ThomasThomas Bullimore––Barroroby (Barrowby) Co. Lincoln, England––1840
7Clifford, CharlesCharles CliffordRt Hon. : Lordof ChudleighCo. Lincoln, England––1815
8Clifford, EleonoraEleanora CliffordLady––England––1815
9Clifford, RobertRobert CliffordRt Hon. : Lord––England––1815
10Devonshire––Duke ofBarroroby (Barrowby)Co. Lincoln,England––1840
11Eminson, RichardRichard Eminson––––England––1840
12Eminson, SarahSarah EminsonMrs : Widowof Great ConerbyCo. Lincoln, England––1840
13Eminson, ThomasThomas Eminson––of Great Conerby Co. Lincoln, EnglandFarmer & Malster1840
14Handley, BenjaminBenjamin Handley––––England––1815
15Hawley, JohnJohn Hawley––Corby?Co. Lincoln, England––1815 (1798)
16Hawley, SusannaSusanna Hawley––Corby?Co. Lincoln, England––1815 (1798)
17Hawley, WilliamWilliam Hawley––Corby Co. Lincoln, England––1815 (1798)
18Hornsby, ThomasThomas Hornsby––of Spittlegate, parish of GranthamCo. Lincoln, England––1840
19Leak, SimeonSimeon Leak––GranthamCo. Lincoln, EnglandBuilder1840
20Lyne, ThomasThomas Lyne––Grantham Co. Lincoln, EnglandStationer1840
21Martin, BenjaminBenjamin Martin––––Co. Lincoln?, England––1840
22Musson, FrancisFrancis Musson––Barroroby (Barrowby)Co. Lincoln, England––1840
23Musson, JohnJohn Musson––CorbyCo. Lincoln, EnglandTenant1815
24Pearson, ArthurArthur Pearson––Barroroby (Barrowby) Co. Lincoln, England––1840
25Pearson, JohnJohn Pearson––New SleafordCo. Lincoln, EnglandGentleman1815
26Smith, JohnJohn Smith––Barroroby (Barrowby) Co. Lincoln, England––1840
27Smith, WilliamWilliam Smith––Barroroby (Barrowby) Co. Lincoln, England––1840
28Weld, ThomasThomas WeldEsq.––Co. Lincoln?, England––1815
29Wing, RichardRichard WingEsq.of Borough on the HillCo. Leicester, England––1840


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