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Two assorted documents - (1) Statutory Mortgage Frederick Sidney Webb to Messrs. Harris Garrod & Harris, etc. over "Haybridge Villas", Out Parish of St Cuthbert's, Wells, County Somerset, 1904 & 1906. (2) Edinburgh, King's Theatre programme, "Scheherazade," week of 16th September 1912.
(Inventory No 018 - Main Information)

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Row Name (Business - Personal - Place) Exact Names Title & Letters After Name Address County / Country Business Occupation, Profession or Status Year
1Alderow, ?? Alderow––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActor1912
2Almasio, JoeJoe Almasio––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandJumping Juggler 1912
3Alvina, ?? Alvina––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActress1912
4Andersen, ?? Andersen––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActress1912
5Avchinikoff, ?? AvchinikoffM (initial) or for (Monsieur)King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandStage Director of Scheherazade1912
6Bells' Perth Whisky––––––ScotlandWhisky1912
7Berryman(,?) Burnell & Company Limited––––Wells (property in or near)Somerset, England––1904
8Bertini, ?? Bertini––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActress1912
9Besedin, ?? Besedin––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActor1912
10Blanchetta, ?? Blanchetta––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActress1912
11Bonar & Folkard––––11-12 West Maitland Street, EdinburghScotlandCostumiers & Milliners1912
12Bromova, ?? Bromova––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActress1912
13Brougham & Vaux––LordWells, Out Parish of St Cuthbert (property in or near)Somerset, England––1904 (1906)
14Cadbury's Chocolate––––––United Kingdom––1912
15Carlsberg Lager––––Edinburgh connectionScotland––1912
16Church Hill Select Laundry––––EdinburghScotlandLaundry1912
17Clark, John & SonJohn Clark & Son––EdinburghScotlandClothier?1912
18Coleman, ?? Coleman––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActress1912
19Cortise, ?? Cortise––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActor? / Actress?1912
20Crosse, LionelLionel Crosse––––England––1904 (1906)
21Darlison, Gertrude (The Edinburgh Theatrical Stores)Gertrude Darlison (The Edinburgh Theatrical Stores)––21 Union Street, EdinburghScotland––1912
22Dimitreef, ?? DimitreefM (initial) or for (Monsieur)King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActor1912
23Du Barrie, OlgaOlga Du Barrie––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandSinger +1912
24Dunbar, JamesJames Dunbar––Albion Road, Edinburgh (Factory)ScotlandAerated waters1912
25Ernes, ?? Ernes––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)Scotland––1912
26Faitlova, ?? Faitlova––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActress1912
27Farmarova, ?? Farmarova––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActress1912
28Ford, James & SonJames Ford & Son––3 & 5 Colinton Road, EdinburghScotlandWhisky supplier1912
29Foster, E HE H Foster––WellsSomerset, EnglandClerk to Harris, Garrod & Harris, Solicitors1904
30Galina, ?? Galina––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActor?/Actress?1912
31Garin, ?? Garin––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)Scotland––1912
32Garrod, Horace CharlesHorace Charles Garrod––Haybridge Villas, Wells (some connection with)Somerset, England––1904 (1906)
33Garrova, ?? Garrova––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActress1912
34Glaser, C J MC J M GlaserM for (Monsieur)King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandConductor of Scheherazade1912
35Gray & Company––––53 & 53a Home Street, EdinburghScotlandRestaurateurs & Purveyors1912
36Harris, Garrod & Harris––––WellsSomerset, EnglandSolicitors1904 (1906)
37Harris, RichardRichard Harris––Haybridge Villas, Wells (some connection with)Somerset, England––1904 (1906)
38Harris, Richard GranvilleRichard Granville Harris––Haybridge Villas, Wells (some connection with)Somerset, England––1904 (1906)
39Harwood, FrankFrank Harwood––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandVersatile Comedian1912
40Henderson, ?? Henderson––29 South Bridge, EdinburghScotlandJeweller?1912
41Hendry's Aerated Waters––––Abbey Street, Edinburgh (Factory)Scotland––1912
42Howat, P LP L Howat––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandGeneral Manager1912
43Imray, ?? ImrayMrsHaybridge Villas, WellsSomerset, EnglandTenant of part of premises1904
44Ivanoff, ?? Ivanoff––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActor1912
45Jean & Josie––––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandPerformers1912
46Jeffrey's––––––ScotlandLager & Mineral Beers1912
47Jones, H BH B Jones––WellsSomerset, EnglandClerk to Harris, Garrod & Harris, Solicitors1904 (1906)
48Kelly, W PW P Kelly––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandStage Manager on week commencing 16/09/19121912
49King's Theatre––––King's Theatre, EdinburghScotlandTheatre1912
50Kortnova, ?? Kortnova––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActress1912
51Kosloff, Alexis Alexis KosloffM (initial) or for (Monsieur)King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)Scotland & RussiaRussian Actor, etc.1912
52Kosloff, TheodoreTheodore Kosloff––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)Scotland & Russiaof Imperial Russian Ballet1912
53La Martine, HerbertHerbert La Martine––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandDancer? 1912
54Laushniar, ?? Laushniar––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActor1912
55Lees, A & CompanyA Lees & Company––Edinburgh?ScotlandHirers of China, Glass & Silver1912
56Levoff, ?? Levoff––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActor1912
57Lindsay, AllanAllan Lindsay––38 South Bridge, EdinburghScotlandClothier?1912
58Lohengrin (Opera)––––King's Theatre, EdinburghScotland––1912
59Lucas, L LL L Lucas––43 Leith Street, EdinburghScotlandTravel goods of all kinds1912
60Lunini, ?? LuniniMlle.King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActress1912
61Mackay, John & CompanyJohn Mackay & Company––Newcastle-upon-Tyne?EnglandAerated waters1912
62Martinin, ?? Martinin––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActor1912
63McCallum, D & JD & J McCallum––Edinburgh, Birmingham & LondonScotland & EnglandPerfection Whisky1912
64McCulloch's––––Edinburgh?ScotlandStage furniture supplied by1912
65Michalow, ?? Michalow––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActor1912
66Michina, ?? Michina––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActress1912
67Mitchell, ?? MitchellM (initial) or for (Monsieur)King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandBusiness Manager for Scherazade1912
68Morosoff, ?? MorosoffM for (Monsieur)King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActor1912
69Munina, ?? Munina––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActress1912
70O'Hana, San & Company––––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)Scotland––1912
71Peddie, Ewen & Company––––EdinburghScotlandPrinters1912
72Pentland, R WPentland, R W––24 Frederick Street, EdinburghScotlandGramophone saloons & pianos1912
73Pilini, ?? Pilini––Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActress1912
74Piper, ThomasThomas Piper––41 Morningside Road, EdinburghScotlandCycle & Motor Repairer1912
75Ramage, Turnbull & Company (Star Dairy)––––7 West Maitland Street, EdinburghScotlandDairy1912
76Rolowa, ?? Rolowa––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActress1912
77Rotova, ?? Rotova––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActress1912
78Savin, ?? Savin––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActor1912
79Scheherazade (Theatre Show)––––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandSymphonic Suite1912
80Schmoltz, ?? SchmoltzMlle.King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActress1912
81Schottov, ?? Schottov––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActor1912
82Scottish Cafe––––107 & 109 Lothian Road, EdinburghScotlandCafe1912
83Simpson, D LimitedD Simpson Limited––46 North Bridge (& others), EdinburghScotlandTobacconists1912
84Sloan & Son Limited––––49 Broughton Street, Edinburgh (office) +ScotlandRemovers, Storers & Carting Contractors1912
85Smith, John & SonsJohn Smith & Sons––37 Lothian Road (& others), EdinburghScotlandCoal & Coke Merchants1912
86Stepanowa, ?? Stepanowa––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActor?/Actress?1912
87Swereft, ?? Swereft––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActor1912
88Tait & Francis––––Princes Street, EdinburghScotlandFlorist?1912
89Tarasoff, ?? Tarasoff––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActor1912
90Tarasova, ?? Tarasova––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActress1912
91The Antiquary––––EdinburghScotlandScotch Whisky1912
92The Edinburgh Construction Company Limited––––EdinburghScotlandProprietors of the King's Theatre1912
93The Nithsdale Dairy––––123 Bruntsfield Place & 66 Morningside Drive, EdinburghScotlandDairy1912
94Thomson, Patrick LimitedPatrick Thomson Limited––EdinburghScotlandDepartment store1912
95Thomson & Porteous––––EdinburghScotlandTobacco Manufacturers1912
96Tiradsin, ?? Tiradsin––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)Scotland––1912
97Tochatti, ?? Tochatti––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActor? / Actress?1912
98Upton & Russell––Messrs (business?)Haybridge Villas, Out parish of St Cuthbert, WellsSomerset, EnglandTenant 1904
99Veseloff, ?? Veseloff––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActor1912
100Walterz, ?? Walterz––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)Scotland––1912
101Webb, Frederick SidneyFrederick Sidney Webb––Haybridge Villas, Wells (some connection with)Somerset, EnglandBuilder1904 (1906)
102Willcox, A DouglasA Douglas Willcox––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandMusical Director on week commencing 16/09/19121912
103William Tell Overture––––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)Scotland––1912
104Wood, Tom ETom E Wood––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandThe Human Hair Pin 1912
105Yamina, ?? YaminaMissKing's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandLady Arab Tumbler1912
106Young, Robert LimitedRobert Young Limited––192 & 194 Morrison Street, EdinburghScotlandIronmongers & Blacksmiths supplies1912
107Zaleski, ?? Zaleski––King's Theatre, Edinburgh (at)ScotlandActor1912


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