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Advertising abstracts & assorted illustrations from Hunter's Illustrated Guide to Perthshire and Central Scotland, by Thomas Hunter, 1898 edition.
(Inventory No 109B 007 - Main Information)

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Row Name (Business - Personal - Place) Exact Names Title & Letters After Name Address County / Country Business Occupation, Profession or Status Year
1Abbey Craig & Wallace Monument––––By Stirling (boundary between Perth & Stirlingshires)Perthshire, ScotlandMonument1898
2Abercairny (House)––––By CrieffPerthshire, ScotlandHouse1898
3Aberfoyle Hotel––––AberfoyleStirlingshire, ScotlandHotel1898
4Abernethy Round Tower––––AbernethyPerthshire, ScotlandTower1898
5A "Bit on the Dean" ––––near Meigle?Perthshire, ScotlandRiver1898
6Albert Inn––––48 George Street, PerthScotlandInn1898
7Argyle––Sailing? shipDundee, Newburgh & Perth, Bell Rock, May Island, MontroseScotlandShipping1898
8Atholl Arms Hotel––––Blair-AthollPerthshire, ScotlandHotel1898
9Barglass, J & DJ & D Barglass––PerthScotlandIronmongers (various)1898
10Bee Restaurant––––28-30 South Methven Street, PerthScotlandWine & Spirit Merchant, Restauranteur & Purveyor1898
11Beveridge, AlexanderAlexander Beveridge––Newrow, Perth (house Cherrybank)ScotlandBuilder, Contractor, Valuator & Pavement Merchant1898
12Beveridge, D & SonD Beveridge & Son––York Place, PerthScotlandCurling Stone Manufacturers +1898
13Blair, JJ Blair––Aberfoyle HotelStirlingshire, ScotlandProprietor1898
14Breadalbane Arms Hotel––––AberfeldyPerthshire, ScotlandHotel1898
15Bruce, MM Bruce ––Queen's Hotel, Perth (late of Fisher's Hotel, Pitlochry)Perthshire, ScotlandProprietor : Queen's Hotel1898
16Cairncross, A & GA & G Cairncross––6 St John Street, PerthScotlandWatchmaker +1898
17Carignau––H.R.H. Prince de––Italy––1898
18Castle Line (Royal Mail Service)––––––UKShipping : Sailings to Gold Fields of South Africa +1898
19Cattle Market––––GlasgowScotlandLivestock sales at1898
20Central Hotel––––GlasgowScotlandHotel1898
21Cesari, EdwardEdward Cesari––The Birnam Hotel, Dunkeld (work address)Perthshire, ScotlandProprietor1898
22Christie, George JGeorge J Christie––The Tilt Hotel, Blair-AthollPerthshire, ScotlandProprietor1898
23Christie, HarryHarry Christie––9 County Place, Perth (work Address)ScotlandManager of The Neilson Cycle Co.1898
24City & County Cycle Stores––––7 South Methven Street, PerthScotlandCycling Hire1898
25City Coach-Hiring Establishment––––163 High Street (opposite Meal Vennel) & 28 Mill Street, PerthScotland––1898
26City-Hall Tavern––––South St John's Place, PerthScotlandTavern1898
27Clarke, AndrewAndrew ClarkeSir (the late) : M.D.––UKDoctor of Medicine1898
28Comrie, ?? ComrieMrComriePerthshire, ScotlandNewsagent & Agent for The Crieff Journal1898
29Conacher, DD Conacher––115, 117, 119 High Street, PerthScotlandDraper & Mlliniery1898
30Conacher, DD Conacher––128 High Street, PerthScotlandTailor, Clothier & Hatter1898
31Cook, Thomas & SonsThomas Cook & Sons––73 Great Tower Street, LondonEnglandShipping Agent?1898
32Countess of Breadalbane (S.S.)(S,S.) Countess of Breadalbanea shipLoch AweArgyleshire, ScotlandShipping1898
33County Place Hotel––––PerthScotlandHotel1898
34Craik, JohnJohn Craik––PerthScotlandProprietor of Perthshire Mineral Water Works1898
35Cruickshank, J SJ S Cruickshank––64 & 66 S. John Street, PerthScotlandTailor, Clothier & Military Outfitter1898
36Currie, Donald & Co.Donald Currie & Company––137 West George Street, GlasgowScotlandShipping1898
37Currie, Donald & Co.Donald Currie & Company––34 Castle Street, LiverpoolEnglandShipping1898
38Currie, Donald & Co.Donald Currie & Company––1-4 Fenchurch Street, LondonEnglandShipping1898
39Currie, Donald & Co.Donald Currie & Company––15 Cross Street, ManchesterEnglandShipping1898
40Dewar, John & Sons LtdJohn Dewar & Sons Limited––Perth : 48 Lime Street, London : Distillery in Tullymet, BallinluigUKDistillers (whisky)1898
41Douglas, G R & SonG R Douglas & Son––52 Princes Street, PerthScotlandHouse Painters, Decorators, Glaziers (Established 1836)1898
42Drummond Arms Hotel––––CrieffPerthshire, ScotlandHotel1898
43Drummond Gardens––––Drummond Castle, near CrieffPerthshire, ScotlandGardens1898
44Duff, DavidDavid Duff––Albert Inn, 48 George Street, Perth (work address)ScotlandProprietor 1898
45Dundee––a steam ship––Scotland & EnglandShipping1898
46Dupplin Dell––––near AberdalgiePerthshire, ScotlandCastle / house1898
47East End, Pitlochry––––PitlochryPerthshire, ScotlandTown1898
48Edinburgh––Duke of––UK––1898
49Edinburgh Cattle Market––––EdinburghScotlandlivestock sales at1898
50Edwards, DavidDavid EdwardsCaptainDundee & PerthScotlandCaptain of the ship Argyle1898
51Falls of Bruar––––near Blair-AthollPerthshire, ScotlandWaterfall1898
52Falls of Tummel––––near Bridge of GarryPerthshire, ScotlandWaterfall1898
53Fife Central Mart––––ThorntonFife, ScotlandLivestock sales at1898
54Fife––Duke of––Banffshire, Scotland––1898
55Finlarig Castle, Loch Tay––––near KillinPerthshire, ScotlandCastle1898
56Fisher's Hotel––––PitlochryPerthshire, ScotlandHotel1898
57Forrester & Boyd (late P Imrie & Sons)––––66 George Street, PerthScotlandHouse Agent, Factors & Licensed Valuators1898
58Forth Railway Bridge (part of)––––––ScotlandBridge1898
59Forth Railway Bridge––––––ScotlandBridge1898
60Fraser, DD Fraser––Loch Awe & Dalmally HotelsArgyleshire, ScotlandProprietor 1898
61Garvie & Syme––––High Street, PerthScotlandIronmongers +1898
62Gaze, H & Son(s?)H Gaze & Son(s?)––75, Great Tower Street, LondonEnglandShipping Agent?1898
63Glen Tilt––––Glen TiltPerthshire, ScotlandView1898
64Haggart, P & JP & J Haggart––Breadalbane Mills, AberfeldyPerthshire, ScotlandWoollen Manufacturers1898
65Hal o' the Wynd Tavern––––22 South Methven Street, PerthScotlandTavern1898
66Hamilton, RobertRobert Hamilton––The Perth Steam Laundry, Dunkeld Road, PerthScotlandProprietor?1898
67Handbook to the Highland Railway & West Coast, Season 1898––––––Scotland––1898
68Heron, J NJ N HeronMrsMoncreiffe Arms Hotel, Bridge of EarnPerthshire, ScotlandProprietor 1898
69Hunter, ThomasThomas Hunter––The Perthshire Constitutional & Journal, South St John's Place, PerthScotlandEditor & Proprietor 1898
70Hutchison, AA HutchisonMrThe 'Grand' Temperance Hotel Ld., Perth (work address)ScotlandManager 1898
71Imrie, P & SonsP Imrie & Sons––70 George Street, PerthScotlandCabinetmakers, Upholsterers, Undertakers (?)1898
72Imrie, P & SonsP Imrie & Sons––66 George Street, PerthScotlandHouse Agent, Factors & Licensed Valuators (?)1898
73Justice, Thomas & Sons LdThomas Justice & Sons Limited––Whithall Street, DundeeScotlandComplete House Furnishers1898
74Kay, William WWilliam W Kay––3 St John's Place, PerthScotlandWholesale & Retail Wine & Spirit Merchant1898
75Keir House & Gardens––––Bridge of Allan (near)Perthshire, ScotlandHouse1898
76Kermack, GeorgeGeorge Kermack––The Burns Restaurant, 3 County Place, PerthScotlandProprietor 1898
77Kidd, James WJames W Kidd––––Scotland?Manager, Dundee, Perth & London Shipping Co.1898
78King Kenneth's Cairn––––Choinneachain HillPerthshire, ScotlandMonument1898
79Kinloch Rannoch––––Kinloch RannochPerthshire, ScotlandVillage1898
80Lamont, DonaldDonald Lamont––Lamont's Hotel, Ellon & Royal Hotel, CrieffScotlandProprietor1898
81Lamont's Hotel––––EllonAberdeenshire, ScotlandHotel1898
82Loch Awe––place––Argyllshire, ScotlandFishing1898
83Loch Awe & Dalmally Hotels––––––Argyleshire, ScotlandHotels1898
84Loch Earn Head Hotel––––BalquhidderPerthshire, ScotlandHotel1898
85Loch Tay––––––Perthshire, ScotlandView1898
86Lodore & Borrowdale Hotels––––DerwentwaterEnglandHotels1898
87Lyall, J WatsonJ Watson Lyall––LondonEnglandAuthor of The Sportsman's & Tourtist's Guide to …. Scotland 1898
88London––a Steam Ship––Scotland & EnglandShipping1898
89Macadam, W IvisonW Ivison MacadamF.R.S.E, F.I.C. & F.C.S.Analytical Laboratory, Surgeon's Hall, EdinburghScotlandAnalyitical & Consulting Chemist1898
90Macdonald, Charles (Chas.)Charles Macdonald (Chas.)––Pitcairngreen Hotel, Pitcairngreen, near Perth (work address)Perthshire, ScotlandProprietor1898
91Macdonald, ColinColin Macdonald––67 South Street, Perth (work address)ScotlandInventor : Cross Cut Saw & Counter Till1898
92Macdonald, D & SonsD Macdonald & Sons––Atholl Arms Hotel, Blair-AthollPerthshire, ScotlandProprietors1898
93Macgregor, DavidDavid Macgregor––40 George Street, PerthScotlandJeweller & Medalist1898
94Macintosh, J & Co. (late P Imrie & Sons)J Macintosh & Company (late P Imrie & Sons)––70 George Street, PerthScotlandCabinetmakers, Upholsterers, Undertakers +1898
95Macmaster, DonaldDonald Macmaster––Hal o' the Wynd Tavern, PerthScotlandProprietor : Hal o' the Wynd Tavern1898
96Macnaughton, A & JA & J Macnaughton––PitlochryPerthshire, ScotlandWoollen Manufacturers +1898
97Maisey, EE Maisey––Loch Earn Head Hotel, BalquhidderPerthshire, ScotlandProprietor 1898
98Marshall, ?? MarshallMrsStirling Arms Hotel, DunblanePerthshire, ScotlandProprietress 1898
99Masterton, JohnJohn Masterton––163 High Street (opposite Meal Vennel) & 28 Mill Street, PerthScotlandProprietor of City Coach-Hiring Establishment1898
100McAra, NN McAra––Rumbling Bridge Hotel, Falls of DevonPerthshire, ScotlandProprietor 1898
101McCracken, JJ McCracken––Victoria Hotel, Adjoining the Victoria Auction Mart, PerthScotlandProprietor 1898
102McCulloch, ?? McCullochMrsJames Square, CrieffPerthshire, ScotlandBookseller & Agent for The Crieff Journal1898
103McEwan, James & Co.James McEwan & Company––56 St John Street, PerthScotlandDressmaker, Mantlemaker, Millinery & Outfitting1898
104McFarlane, JamesJames McFarlane––272 High Street & South Methven Street, PerthScotlandCycle Agent1898
105McLean, ?? McLeanMissSouth St. John's Place, Perth (work address)ScotlandProprietrix of St John's Restaurant1898
106Menzies, John & Co.John Menzies & Company––Edinburgh & GlasgowScotlandBooksellers & Bookstalls & Wholesale Agents +1898
107Mitchell, JamesJames Mitchell––New Dundee Wharf, 82 Wapping, E. LondonEnglandShipping Agent?1898
108Mona––a ship : Saloon Steam LaunchLoch AweScotlandShipping (on Loch Awe?)1898
109Moncreiffe Arms Hotel––––Bridge of EarnPerthshire, ScotlandHotel1898
110Mowat, W GW G Mowat––Salutation Hotel, PerthScotlandProprietor1898
111Muir & Martin––––South Inch Brewery, PerthScotlandBrewers & Malsters (established 1815)1898
112Murray, D BD B Murray––22 South Street, PerthScotlandFine Art Saloon, Framing +1898
113Nicholson, R GR G Nicholson––7 South Methven Street, Perth (work address)ScotlandProprietor of City & County Cycle Stores, 1898
114Nicol, ?? NicolMrsCity-Hall Tavern, South St John's Place, Perth (work address)ScotlandLessee 1898
115Nicol, AlexanderAlexander Nicol––Breadalbane Arms Hotel, AberfeldyPerthshire, ScotlandLessee1898
116Norrie, DD NorrieMr10 High Street, CrieffPerthshire, ScotlandAgent for The Crieff Journal1898
117Northern Central Mart––––PerthScotlandLivestock sales at1898
118Obelisk in memory of Sir David Baird––––near CrieffPerthshire, ScotlandMonument1898
119Old Bridge of Stirling––––StirlingScotlandBridge1898
120Old Roman Bridge on the Dean––––CardeanPerthshire, ScotlandBridge1898
121Orchy River––place––Argyllshire, ScotlandFishing1898
122Packham, ?? PackhamCaptain––Scotland & EnglandCaptain of Steam Ship Perth1898
123Pass of Killicrankie : Soldier's Leap––––Killiecrankie near PitlochryPerthshire, ScotlandHistorical legend1898
124Patterson, JJ Patterson––County Place Hotel, Perth (work address)ScotlandProprietor 1898
125Perth from Barnhill––––PerthScotland––1898
126Perth from Bridgend––––PerthScotland––1898
127Perth (from old bridge)––––PerthScotland––1898
128Perth City & County––––PerthScotlandPerth & Perthshire1898
129Perth––a ship : Steam Ship––Scotland & EnglandShipping1898
130Perth Nurseries (from east bank of Tay River)––––PerthScotland––1898
131Perth Station Hotel––––Perth (beside Perth Railway Station)ScotlandHotel1898
132Perth Old Seal (two sides)––––PerthScotland––1898
133Perthshire Constitutional––––Office, South St John's Place, PerthScotlandPrinting1898
134Perthshire Mineral Water Works (John Craik)––––Glover Street, PerthScotlandAles, Stout, Tonics, Ginger Beer +1898
135Pitcairngreen Hotel––––Pitcairngreen, near PerthScotlandHotel1898
136Proudfoot, D YD Y Proudfoot––Waverley Hotel, Perth (work address)ScotlandProprietor 1898
137Prudential Assurance Coy. LimitedPrudential Assurance Company Limited––11 South Methven Street, PerthScotlandAssurance1898
138Pugsley, William (Wm.)William Pugsley (Wm.)––11 South Methven Street, Perth (work address)ScotlandSuperintendent of Prudential Assurance Coy. Limited1898
139Queen Mary's Sycamore––––Scone Palace (grounds of)ScotlandTree1898
140Queen's Hotel––––Railway Station, Perth (opposite)ScotlandHotel1898
141Queen's View, Loch Tummel––––Loch TummelPerthshire, ScotlandView1898
142Reid, PeterPeter Reid––40-50 Princes Street & 46 Canal Street, PerthScotlandCoach Builder & Carriage Hire +1898
143River Dochart, Killin ––––KillinPerthshire, ScotlandRiver1898
144Robertson, J SJ S Robertson––PitlochryPerthshire, ScotlandProprietor of Pitlochry Hydropathic Hotel1898
145Royal Hotel––––CrieffPerthshire, ScotlandHotel1898
146Rumbling Bridge Hotel––––Falls of DevonPerthshire, ScotlandHotel1898
147Salmon Fishing : Gaffing the Fish––––––Perthshire, Scotlanda scene1898
148Salutation Hotel––––PerthScotlandHotel1898
149Sandeman Free Library––––PerthScotlandLibrary1898
150Saxe-Coburg & Gotha : Alfred?––H.R.H. Duke of––UK & Germany––1898
151Scone Palace––––SconePerthshire, ScotlandPalace1898
152Scott, AlexanderAlexander Scott––Bee Restaurant, 28-30 South Methven Street, PerthScotlandProprietor1898
153Scott, W C SW C S Scott––Drummond Arms Hotel, Crieff (work address)Perthshire, ScotlandProprietor1898
154Singh, DhuleepDhuleep SinghH.H. Maharajah––Scotland / UK / India––1898
155Southern Central Mart––––Newtown St Boswells & EarlstonRoxburghshire, ScotlandLivestock sales at1898
156Speedy––Captain––Scotland & EnglandCaptain of Steam Ship London1898
157St Fillans––––St FillansPertshireVillage1898
158St John's Church––––PerthScotlandChurch1898
159St John's Restaurant––––South St. John's Place, PerthScotlandRestaurant1898
160Stalker & Boyd––––27 & 29 South Street, PerthScotlandPainters & Decorators1898
161Stirling Arms Hotel––––DunblanePerthshire, ScotlandHotel1898
162Stirling Castle––––StirlingScotlandCastle1898
163Strathmore Hotel––––Main Street, Bridgend, PerthScotlandHotel1898
164Sulphur Lozenges––––EdinburghScotland––1898
165Swan, John & Sons Ltd.John Swan & Sons Limited––6 Clifton Terrace, Haymarket, EdinburghScotlandLive Stock Salesmen & Auctioneers1898
166Taymouth Castle––––near KenmorePerthshire, ScotlandCastle1898
167The Atholl Hydropathic––––PitlochryPerthshire, ScotlandHotel1898
168The Birnam Hotel––––DunkeldPerthshire, ScotlandHotel1898
169The Burns Restaurant––––3 County Place, PerthScotlandRestaurant1898
170The Crieff Journal––––CrieffPerthshire, ScotlandNewspaper1898
171The Dundee, Perth & London Shipping Co.The Dundee, Perth & London Shipping Company––5 Shore Terrace, DundeeScotlandShipping1898
172The Fortingall Yew––––FortingallPerthshire, ScotlandTrees1898
173The 'Grand' Temperance Hotel LtdThe 'Grand' Temperance Hotel Limited––PerthScotlandHotel1898
174The Great Beech Hedge––––MeikleourPerthshire, ScotlandHedge1898
175The Hermitage Falls––––DunkeldPerthshire, ScotlandBridge & Waterfalls1898
176The Last of "Great Birnam Wood"––––BirnamPerthshire, ScotlandTrees1898
177The Murray Fountain––––CrieffPerthshire, ScotlandFountain1898
178The Neilson Cycle Co.The Neilson Cycle Company––9 County Place, PerthScotlandCycle Manufacturers1898
179The Parent Larches––––Dunkeld HousePerthshire, ScotlandTrees1898
180The Perth & Perthshire Carriage Works––––PerthScotland––1898
181The Perth Steam Laundry––––Dunkeld Road, PerthScotlandLaundry1898
182The Perthshire Constitutional & Journal––––Office, South St John's Place, PerthScotlandNewspaper1898
183The Pitlochry Hydropathic (J S Robertson)––––PitlochryPerthshire, ScotlandHotel1898
184The Rumbling Bridge––––near DunkeldPerthshire, ScotlandBridge & Waterfall1898
185The Silver Strand––––Loch KatrinePerthshire, Scotland––1898
186The Sportsman's & Tourist's Guide––––London office, 118 Pall Mall, LondonEnglandPublication (Shooting, Fishing, Estates to Let)1898
187The Tilt Hotel––––Blair-AthollPerthshire, ScotlandHotel1898
188Thomson, W BW B Thomson––Blackford & PerthPerthshire, ScotlandMineral Water Factories1898
189Thomson, W BW B Thomson––55 & 60 Canal Street, Perth & Brewery in BlackfordPerthshire, ScotlandImporter & Dealer of Wines, Spirits, Liqueurs +1898
190Thomson, W BW B Thomson––Auchterarder, Crieff, Dunkeld, Newburgh, Stirling +ScotlandStores1898
191Thornton & Co. LtdThornton & Company Limited––20 Tyrrel Street & 58 Darley Street, BradfordEnglandWaterproof & Indiarubber Manufacturers : Tennis1898
192Thornton & Co. LtdThornton & Company Limited––72 Hanover Street & 8 Princes Street, EdinburghScotlandWaterproof & Indiarubber Manufacturers : Tennis1898
193Thornton & Co. LtdThornton & Company Limited––90 Gordon Street, GlasgowScotlandWaterproof & Indiarubber Manufacturers : Tennis1898
194Thornton & Co. LtdThornton & Company Limited––24 & 26 Donegall Place, BelfastIrelandWaterproof & Indiarubber Manufacturers : Tennis1898
195Thornton & Co. LtdThornton & Company Limited––88 Bishopgate St, Within, LondonEnglandWaterproof & Indiarubber Manufacturers : Tennis1898
196Thornton & Co. LtdThornton & Company Limited––45 Boar Lane & 58 Briggate, LeedsEnglandWaterproof & Indiarubber Manufacturers : Tennis1898
197Tuke, AlfredAlfred Tuke––Perth Station Hotel, PerthScotlandManager of Perth Station Hotel1898
198Upper Falls of Moness––––BreadalbanePerthshire, ScotlandFalls1898
199Victoria Hotel––––Victoria Auction Mart, Perth (adjoining)ScotlandHotel1898
200Wales––The Prince of––––––1898
201Wales––H.R.H. The Princess of––UKPatronage of P & J Haggart, Aberfeldy1898
202Wallace's Castle (Inchbervis Castle) (2 views)––––AuchtergavenPerthshire, ScotlandMonument1898
203Watt & Ramsay––––Main Street, Bridgend, Perth (work address)ScotlandProprietors of Strathmore Hotel1898
204Waverley Hotel––––PerthScotlandHotel1898
205Wheatley, G W & CoG W Wheatley & Company––23 Regent Street, W, LondonEnglandShipping Agent?1898
206Wright, John & Co.John Wright & Company––Perth Brewery, PerthScotlandBrewers, Bottlers & Aerated Water Manufacturers1898
207Wylie, D ND N Wylie––1 College Street, EdinburghScotlandChemist1898
208Young, ?? YoungCaptain––Scotland & EnglandCaptain of Steamship Dundee1898
209Young, AA YoungMrAuchterarderPerthshire, ScotlandStationer & Agent for The Crieff Journal1898
210Young, J & SonsJ Young & Sons––66-70 Watergate, PerthScotlandGeneral Printers & Advertising Agents1898


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