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Advertising abstracts from the booklet, East Lothian - Official Guide, ca. 1940s.
(Inventory No 109B 010 - Main Information)

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Row Name (Business - Personal - Place) Exact Names Title & Letters After Name Address County / Country Business Occupation, Profession or Status Year
1Abbey Road Garage––––North BerwickHaddingtonshire, ScotlandCars for Hire +ca. 1940s
2Allan & Co.Allan & Company––7-8 Sidegate, HaddingtonScotlandHouse Paintersca. 1940s
3Bates, A WA W Bates––7 Market Place, North BerwickHaddingtonshire, ScotlandRadio & Electricalca. 1940s
4Bermaline Bread––––––UK––ca. 1940s
5Brown, AA BrownMrsLittle Garth Private Hotel, North BerwickHaddingtonshire, ScotlandProprietrixca. 1940s
6Brown, EE BrownMiss118 High Street, North BerwickHaddingtonshire, ScotlandWork & Wool Repository, China & Fancy Goodsca. 1940s
7Bruce, CharlesCharles Bruce––22 Market Street, HaddingtonScotlandBooksellers, Stationer, Newsagent +ca. 1940s
8Bruce, William (Wm.)William Bruce (Wm.)––Seton Sands Camping Ground, LongniddryHaddingtonshire, ScotlandProprietorca. 1940s
9Campbell, D & SonD Campbell & Son––86 High Street, DunbarHaddingtonshire, ScotlandPrinters +ca. 1940s
10Cleghorn, William (Wm.)William Cleghorn (Wm.)––West End Garage, HaddingtonScotlandBuses & Cars for hire +ca. 1940s
11Cochrane, M SM S Cochrane––1 High Street, HaddingtonScotlandFruiterer, Florist & Confectionerca. 1940s
12Dalrymple Garage––––North BerwickHaddingtonshire, ScotlandCars for Hire +ca. 1940s
13Danks, EdwardEdward Danks––103 High Street, North BerwickHaddingtonshire, ScotlandBookseller, Newsagent & Tobacconist +ca. 1940s
14Dickson, HH DicksonMiss118 High Street, North BerwickHaddingtonshire, ScotlandProprietrix of Miss E Brown (shop)ca. 1940s
15Dickson, JamesJames Dickson––149 High Street & 48 Victoria Street, DunbarHaddingtonshire, ScotlandHousehold Stores & Fishing Tackleca. 1940s
16Dower, A & SonA Dower & Son––26 High Street, HaddingtonScotlandButchersca. 1940s
17East Lothian (map of)––––Haddingtonshire, ScotlandMapca. 1940s
18East Lothian Co-operative Society LtdEast Lothian Co-operative Society Limited––57 Bridge Street, TranentHaddingtonshire, ScotlandGroceries & Provisions +ca. 1940s
19Fidra Cafe & Stores––––DirletonHaddingtonshire, ScotlandGarage, Confectioner +ca. 1940s
20Fleming, S JS J FlemingM.P.S.52 High Street, TranentHaddingtonshire, ScotlandDispensing Chemist & Photographic Dealerca. 1940s
21Gilbert, JamesJames Gilbert––North BerwickHaddingtonshire, ScotlandGarage Proprietorca. 1940s
22Guy, RobertRobert Guy––Main Street, AberladyHaddingtonshire, ScotlandNewsagent & General Merchantca. 1940s
23Halliday's Garage––––10 Market Street, HaddingtonScotlandPetrol, Oils, Repairs +ca. 1940s
24Harvey, J DJ D Harvey––52 High Street, Tranent (work address)Haddingtonshire, ScotlandDeispensing Chemist +ca. 1940s
25James, K AK A James––31 Station Road, North BerwickHaddingtonshire, ScotlandElectrical & Radio Engineerca. 1940s
26Kirkpatrick, H CH C KirkpatrickM.P.S.75 High Street, TranentHaddingtonshire, ScotlandDispensing Chemist +ca. 1940s
27Laidlaw & Son––––49-51 High Street, Tranent & Main Street, OrmistonHaddingtonshire, ScotlandLadies & Childrens Wear, Drapery Specialists +ca. 1940s
28Lister, WW Lister––20 High Street, East LintonHaddingtonshire, ScotlandBaker & Confectionerca. 1940s
29Little Garth Private Hotel––––Marmion Road, North BerwickHaddingtonshire, ScotlandHotelca. 1940s
30Lorne Hotel (Temperance)––––High Street, DunbarHaddingtonshire, ScotlandHotelsca. 1940s
31Macintyre & Co. (North Berwick) LtdMacintyre & Company (North Berwick) Limited––Forth Street Lane, North BerwickHaddingtonshire, ScotlandAerated Water Manufacturer & Beer Bottlerca. 1940s
32Macnaughton, DD Macnaugton––Saltoun Fur Farm : 22 Young Street, Edinburgh (registered office)Haddingtonshire, ScotlandProprietorca. 1940s
33McCall, Alexander (Alex.) PAlexander P McCall (Alex.)––18 Brown's Place, East Linton & 15b High Street, DunbarHaddingtonshire, ScotlandCoal Merchant & Contractorca. 1940s
34McLean, Thomas (Thos.)Thomas McLean (Thos.)––32 High Street, HaddingtonScotlandBaker & Confectionerca. 1940s
35Miller, HughHugh Miller––Weston Nurseries, Haddington (work address) ScotlandProprietor?ca. 1940s
36Munro, EE Munro––9 Main Street, GullaneHaddingtonshire, ScotlandNewsagent, Stationer & Tobacconist, Lending Libraryca. 1940s
37Ormiston, P & Son (late Mark Ormiston)P Ormiston & Son (late Mark Ormiston)––Sidegate, HaddingtonScotlandBuilders & Monumental Sculptorsca. 1940s
38Paterson, Adam & Sons LtdAdam Paterson & Sons Limited––West Mills, HaddingtonScotlandWoollen Manufacturers (wholesale only)ca. 1940s
39Paterson, George & Sons LimitedGeorge Paterson & Sons Limited––14 Court Street, HaddingtonScotlandCarriers, Horse & Motor Contractors +ca. 1940s
40Powell, FF Powell––36 Market Street, HaddingtonScotlandFruiterer & Floristca. 1940s
41Prestonpans Co-operative Society Limited––––PrestonpansHaddingtonshire, ScotlandGeneral Merchants & Funeral Undertakersca. 1940s
42Ritchie, AA Ritchie––Woodlea Dairy Farm & shop 9 Hardgate, HaddingtonScotlandMilk Supplier +ca. 1940s
43Ritchie, William CWilliam C Ritchie––Dovecot, HaddingtonScotlandMarket Grower +ca. 1940s
44Roberts, J FJ F Roberts––22 High Street, TranentHaddingtonshire, ScotlandNewsagent & Booksellerca. 1940s
45Saltoun Fur Farm––––22 Young Street, Edinburgh (registered office)ScotlandFur Farmca. 1940s
46Scott Empires LtdScott Empires Limited––––ScotlandProprietors of The Playhouse Cinema, North Berwickca. 1940s
47Seton Sands Camping Ground––––LongniddryHaddingtonshire, Scotland––ca. 1940s
48Simpson, David KDavid K Simpson––North BerwickHaddingtonshire, ScotlandManager of The Playhouse Cinemaca. 1940s
49Simpson, H S JH S J Simpson––GiffordHaddingtonshire, ScotlandProprietrix of the Tweeddale Arms Hotelca. 1940s
50Spark, GeorgeGeorge Spark––49 Court Street, HaddingtonScotlandLinen Draper & Clothier +ca. 1940s
51Taylor Brothers––––DirletonHaddingtonshire, ScotlandNurserymen & Floristsca. 1940s
52Taylor, DD Taylor––DirletonHaddingtonshire, Scotlandof the Fidra Cafe & Storesca. 1940s
53Templeton, WilliamWilliam Templeton––Poldrate Mills, HaddingtonScotlandOatmeal Miller +ca. 1940s
54The Castle Hotel––––DirletonHaddingtonshire, ScotlandHotelca. 1940s
55The County Council of East Lothian––––(Haddington)Haddingtonshire, ScotlandCouncilca. 1940s
56The Picture House––––PrestonpansHaddingtonshire, ScotlandCinemaca. 1940s
57The Playhouse––––Abbey Road, DunbarHaddingtonshire, Scotlanda Caledonian Cinema & Caféca. 1940s
58The Playhouse––––North BerwickHaddingtonshire, ScotlandCinemaca. 1940s
59The Simmath Press LtdThe Simmath Press Limited––Simmath House, DundeeForfarshire, ScotlandPrinter +ca. 1940s
60Thomson & Ritchie––––34-36 Market Street, HaddingtonScotlandCabinetmakers & Upholsterersca. 1940s
61Tulloch, JJ Tulloch––43 High Street, HaddingtonScotlandTobacconist & Fishing Tackle Dealerca. 1940s
62Tweeddale Arms Hotel––––GiffordHaddingtonshire, ScotlandHotelca. 1940s
63Weston Nurseries––––HaddingtonScotlandBedding Plants, Seeds +ca. 1940s
64Wilson, LL Wilson––Crown Dairy, HaddingtonScotlandMilk Supplierca. 1940s
65Young, CC YoungMrsHigh Street, DunbarHaddingtonshire, ScotlandProprietrix of the Lorne Hotel (Temperance)ca. 1940s


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