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Advertising abstracts from the booklet, East Lothian - Official Guide, ca. 1940s.
(Inventory No 109B 010- Additional Information)

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Row Exact Names Comments : Relationships : Subjects Document Type Page or ID Numbers Digitized Image Numbers
1Abbey Road Garagesee Dalrymple Garage & James GilbertBooklet advert––––
2Allan & Company––Booklet advert––––
3A W Bates––Booklet advert––––
4Bermaline Bread––Booklet advertpage 12010/006 : 010/006a
5A Brown––Booklet advert––––
6E Brownsee H DicksonBooklet advert––––
7Charles Bruce––Booklet advert––––
8William Bruce (Wm.)––Booklet advert––––
9D Campbell & Son––Booklet advert––––
10William Cleghorn (Wm.)––Booklet advertpage 2010/003 : 010/003a
11M S Cochrane––Booklet advert––––
12Dalrymple Garagesee Abbey Road Garage & James GilbertBooklet advert––––
13Edward Danks––Booklet advert––––
14H Dickson––Booklet advert––––
15James Dickson––Booklet advert––––
16A Dower & Son––Booklet advertpage 14010/008
17East Lothian (map of)––Bookat 28010/010
18East Lothian Co-operative Society Limited––Booklet advert––––
19Fidra Cafe & Storessee D TaylorBooklet advert––––
20S J Flemingsuccessor to J D HarveyBooklet advert––––
21James Gilbertsee Abbey Road Garage & Dalrymple GarageBooklet advert––––
22Robert Guy––Booklet advert––––
23Halliday's Garage––Booklet advert––––
24J D HarveySucceeded by S J FlemingBooklet advert––––
25K A James––Booklet advert––––
26H C Kirkpatrick––Booklet advertpage 56010/011 : 010/011a
27Laidlaw & Son––Booklet advert––––
28W Lister––Booklet advert––––
29Little Garth Private Hotelsee Mrs A BrownBooklet advert––––
30Lorne Hotel (Temperance)see Mrs C YoungBooklet advert––––
31Macintyre & Company (North Berwick) Limited––Booklet advert––––
32D Macnaugton––Booklet advert––––
33Alexander P McCall (Alex.)––Booklet advert––––
34Thomas McLean (Thos.)––Booklet advert––––
35Hugh Miller––Booklet advert––––
36E Munro––Booklet advert––––
37P Ormiston & Son (late Mark Ormiston)––Booklet advert––––
38Adam Paterson & Sons Limited––Booklet advert––––
39George Paterson & Sons Limitedlist of other branchesBooklet advert––––
40F Powell––Booklet advert––––
41Prestonpans Co-operative Society Limited––Booklet advert––––
42A Ritchie––Booklet advert––––
43William C Ritchie––Booklet advertpage 14010/007 : 010/007-008
44J F Roberts––Booklet advert––––
45Saltoun Fur Farmsee D MacnaughtonBooklet advert––––
46Scott Empires Limitedsee David K SimpsonBooklet advert––––
47Seton Sands Camping Groundsee William BruceBooklet advert––––
48David K Simpson––Booklet advert––––
49H S J Simpson––Booklet advert––––
50George Spark––Booklet advert––––
51Taylor Brothers––Booklet advert––––
52D Taylor––Booklet advert––––
53William Templeton––Booklet advert––––
54The Castle Hotel––Booklet advert––––
55The County Council of East LothianHaddingtonshire changed to East LothianBookletpage 5010/004
56The Picture House––Booklet advert––––
57The Playhouse––Booklet advert––––
58The Playhousesee David K Simpson & Scott Empires LtdBooklet advert––––
59The Simmath Press Limited––Book advert––––
60Thomson & Ritchie––Booklet advert––––
61J Tulloch––Booklet advertpage 20010/009
62Tweeddale Arms Hotelsee H S J SimpsonBooklet advertInside front cover010/002
63Weston Nurseriessee Hugh MillarBooklet advert––––
64L Wilson––Booklet advert––––
65C Young––Booklet advert––––


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