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Advertising abstracts from the booklet, Galashiels Guide, 1954.
(Inventory No 109B 013 - Main Information)

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Row Name (Business - Personal - Place) Exact Names Title & Letters After Name Address County / Country Business Occupation, Profession or Status Year
1Abbotsford Fireplace Co.Abbotsford Fireplace Company––Roxburgh Street, GalashielsSelkirkshire, ScotlandTile & Brick Fireplaces +1954
2Abbotsford Fireplace Co.Abbotsford Fireplace Company––Chapel Street, InnerleithenPeebles-shire, ScotlandTile & Brick Fireplaces +1954
3Alcock & Co.Alcock & Company––58 Channel Street, GalashielsSelkirkshire, ScotlandAgents for Leading Makers of China1954
4Anderson, Peter Ltd.Peter Anderson Limited––Bridge Mill, GalashielsSelkirkshire, ScotlandGalashiels Tweeds1954
5Arnott, John & SonsJohn Arnott & Sons––69 Channel Street, GalashielsPeebles-shire, ScotlandCoal & Coke Merchants & Contractors1954
6Bank of Scotland––––The Mound, Edinburgh (head office)ScotlandBank1954
7Brotherston, R WR W Brotherston––117 High Street, GalashielsSelkirkshire, ScotlandWatchmaker, Jeweller & Optician1954
8Charters––––Market Square, GalashielsSelkirkshire, ScotlandMilliner & Ladies' Outfitter1954
9Dick, J & SonJ Dick & Son––47-48 Bank Street, GalashielsSelkirkshire, ScotlandChina, Glass & Hardware1954
10Dicksons––––56 Bank Street, GalashielsSelkirkshire, ScotlandThe Book Shop1954
11Eildon Dry Cleaners––––Mid Mill, GalashielsSelkirkshire, ScotlandDry Cleaners1954
12Fraser & Allin––––67 Channel Street, GalashielsSelkirkshire, ScotlandElectrical Contractors1954
13Galashiels Cafe––––Playhouse Buildings, Market Square, GalashielsSelkirkshire, ScotlandLunch & Tea Rooms +1954
14Gladstone, Archibald (Archd.) & SonsArchibald Gladstone & Sons (Archd.)––62 Channel Street, GalashielsSelkirkshire, ScotlandJoiners & Contractors1954
15Grant, G Lindsay (Lindsay, J G & Son)G Lindsay Grant (J G Lindsay & Son)F.I.B.D.Galashiels, Hawick, Melrose & GreenlawSelkirkshire, ScotlandPainters, Glaziers +1954
16Gray, JohnJohn Gray––6 & 8 Market Street, GalashielsSelkirkshire, ScotlandChina, Glass, Earthenware, Toys & Fancy Goods1954
17Hall, Andrew M (The Hawick House)Andrew M Hall––43 High Street, Galashiels (work address)Selkirkshire, ScotlandFashion Wear in Pure Wool & Agents1954
18King, JJ King––The Royal Hotel, GalashielsSelkirkshire, ScotlandProprietor of (see E Lyon)1954
19Kirkpatrick, WW Kirkpatrick––GalashielsSelkirkshire, ScotlandManager of The Commercial Bank of Scotland Ltd1954
20Lindsay, J G & SonJ G Lindsay & Son––Galashiels, Hawick, Melrose & GreenlawScotlandPainters, Glaziers +1954
21Lyon, EE Lyon––The Royal Hotel, GalashielsSelkirkshire, ScotlandProprietor of1954
22Macdonald, Ian WilsonIan Wilson Macdonald––EdinburghScotlandGeneral Manager of The Commercial Bank of Scotland Limited1954
23Mackay's––––54 Overhaugh Street, GalashielsSelkirkshire, ScotlandBorder Tweeds & Hosiery1954
24Maclachlan, A A & Son (Maclachlan's)A A Maclachlan & Son (Maclachlan's)––4 Channel Street, GalashielsSelkirkshire, ScotlandPipes & Smokers' Sundries1954
25McQueen, ChalmersChalmers McQueen––Albert Place Garages, Galashiels (petrol stations at Melrose & Selkirk Roads)Selkirkshire, ScotlandMotor Agent & Engineer1954
26Purves, Adam & Son Ltd.Adam Purves & Son Limited––Market Street, GalashielsSelkirkshire, ScotlandMotor Engineers & Cars for Hire +1954
27Richardson, Robert & Son Ltd.Robert Richardson & Son Limited––Galapark Road, GalashielsSelkirkshire, ScotlandBonnie Border Tweeds +1954
28Robertson, W MW M Robertson––112 High Street, Galashiels (work address)Selkirkshire, ScotlandManager of the Royal Bank of Scotland1954
29Royal Bank of Scotland––––112 High Street, Galashiels (local branch)Selkirkshire, ScotlandBank1954
30The Ayrshire Market––––Galashiels & SelkirkSelkirkshire, ScotlandGroceries, Provisions & Dairy Produce1954
31The Commercial Bank of Scotland LtdThe Commercial Bank of Scotland Limited––Galashiels (local branch)Selkirkshire, ScotlandBank1954
32The Commercial Bank of Scotland LtdThe Commercial Bank of Scotland Limited––14 George Street, Edinburgh (head office)ScotlandBank1954
33The Hawick House––––43 High Street, GalashielsSelkirkshire, ScotlandFashion Wear in Pure Wool & Agents1954
34The King's Hotel––––GalashielsSelkirkshire, ScotlandHotel1954
35The Maxwell Hotel––––GalashielsSelkirkshire, ScotlandHotel1954
36The Royal Hotel––––GalashielsSelkirkshire, ScotlandHotel1954
37Turnbull, E ME M Turnbull––Market Square, GalashielsSelkirkshire, ScotlandCoats, Suits, Dresses +1954
38Watson, M JM J Watson––58 Channel Street, Galashiels (Alcock & Co.)Selkirkshire, ScotlandProprietrix of Alcock & Co.1954
39Waverley Studio––––Bank Street, GalashielsSelkirkshire, ScotlandStudio Portraiture, Commercial Photographs +1954
40Woolward, W A & Co.W A Woolward & Company––86a George Street, EdinburghScotland(Advertising Agents)1954


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