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Subscriber's list from - The Viking Club : Old-Lore Miscellany of Orkney Shetland Caithness & Sutherland : Vol. 5, Index and List of Subscribers, London, 1913.
(Inventory No 109B 019 - Main Information)

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Row Name (Business - Personal - Place) Exact Names Title & Letters After Name Address County / Country Business Occupation, Profession or Status Year
1Aberdeen University Library––––AberdeenScotlandLibrary1913
2Adamson, Gilfinnan & Co. LtdAdamson, Gilfinnan & Company Limited––––Singapore––1913
3Advocates Library––––EdinburghScotland––1913
4Aim, JamesJames Aim––c/o Mrs Merrilees, East Linton (Prestonkirk)Haddingtonshire, Scotland––1913
5Aitken, John MJohn M Aitken––LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland, ScotlandArchitect1913
6Aitken, ThomasThomas Aitken––Ravenscourt, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland, Scotland––1913
7Alexander-Sinclair, ?? Alexander-SinclairMrsDunbeath CastleCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
8Allen, E G & SonsE G Allen & Sons––King Edward Mansions, 14 Grape Street, Shafstbury Avenue, LondonEnglandAgent; see Cornell, Ottawa & Yale1913
9Alverstone––Rt Hon., Lord : G.C.M.G.Hornton Lodge, Pitt Street, Kensington, LondonEnglandLord Chief Justice of England & Founder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
10Anderson, John BJohn B Anderson––LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandSolicitor1913
11Anderson, John RJohn R AndersonReverendU.F. Manse, Harray, LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandMinister1913
12Anderson, John NJohn N AndersonJ.P., F.S.A. ScotStornowayHebrides, Ross-shire, ScotlandEx-Provost of Stornoway, Justice of the Peace1913
13Anderson, P JP J Anderson––AberdeenScotlandLibrarian, Aberdeen University Library1913
14Anderson, ThomasThomas Anderson––33 Burgh Road, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
15Anderson, ThomasThomas Anderson––Leebitton, Sandwick, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
16Anderson, Thomas AThomas A Anderson––Aith, Bixter, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
17Anderson, William CWilliam C AndersonM.A. & M.B.'The Haven', LiscardCheshire, England––1913
18Anderson, William MWilliam M Anderson––Grange Street, GrangemouthStirlingshire, ScotlandSolicitor1913
19Anderton, BasilBasil Anderton––Newcastle-upon-Tyne?England––1913
20Anderton, Herbert FHerbert F AndertonJ.P.of Vaila & Melby, LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandFounder Member of The Viking Club 1906 : Justice of the Peace1913
21Angus, James SJames S Angus––St Olaf Street, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
22Angus, WW Angus––9 Argyle Place, EdinburghScotland––1913
23Arthur, CharlesCharles Arthur––Girlsta, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
24Asher & Co.Asher & Company––14 Bedford Street, Covent Garden, LondonEnglandAgent for Vienna Imperial Court Library1913
25Asher, AlexanderAlexander AsherDr : M.B.ThursoCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
26Ayrey, CharlesCharles AyreyMrs––UK?––1913
27Baikie, AA Baikie––Hall of Tankerness, KirkwallOrkney Islands, Scotland, Scotland––1913
28Baikie, RobertRobert BaikieF.S.A.A.P O Box 36, PretoriaTransvaal, South AfricaFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
29Bain, GeorgeGeorge Bain––WickCaithness-shire, ScotlandLibrarian1913
30Ballantine, J BJ B Ballantine––17 Babcock Place, W. OrangeNew Jersey, USA––1913
31Ballantyne, JJ Ballantyne––Gas Works, HamiltonLanarkshire, Scotland––1913
32Banks, George (Geo.)George Banks (Geo.)––Hartfield, West Park, WickCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
33Bannon, H WH W BannonMrs169 Queen's Gate, LondonEngland––1913
34Barclay, J NJ N BarclayJ.P.of Gardiesting, Mid Yell, LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandJustice of the Peace1913
35Barrett, F TF T Barrett––21 Miller Street, GlasgowScotland––1913
36Batholomew, J GJ G BatholomewF.R.G.S.Newington House, EdinburghScotland––1913
37Baughan, B EB E BaughanMissc/o Bank of Australasia, Christ ChurchNew Zealand––1913
38Beaton, DD BeatonReverend49 Breadalbane Terrace, WickCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
39Beatton, DavidDavid Beatton––Scalloway, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
40Beatton, Gilbert TGilbert T BeattonM.D. & C.M.Fountainbleau, Caversham, ReadingEngland––1913
41Berlin Royal Library––––BerlinGermany––1913
42Beveridge, ErskineErskine BeveridgeLL.D.St Leonard's Hill, DunfermlineFife, Scotland––1913
43Bignold, ArthurArthur BignoldSir2 Curzon Street, LondonEngland––1913
44Black, G FG F Black––New York Public Library, Lennox Library, 5th Avenue, New YorkNew York USA––1913
45Blance, Robert BruceRobert Bruce Blance––23 St Magnus Street, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
46Bodleian Library––––OxfordEngland––1913
47Boyd, George PGeorge P Boyd––4 Summerside Street, Leith, EdinburghScotland––1913
48Brækstad, (Hans Lien) H LH L Brækstad (Hans Lien)––Hill House, Court Road, ElthamEnglandVice-Consul for Norway1913
49Brækstad, (Hans Lien) H LH L Brækstad (Hans Lien)––––EnglandVice-Consul for Norway & Founder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
50Brass, PeterPeter Brass––12 King Street, KirkwallOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
51Brayshaw, HoraceHorace Brayshaw––St Magnus Schoolhouse, LerwickOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
52Bremner, AndrewAndrew Bremner––WickCaithness-shire, ScotlandFish Curer1913
53Brims, William MWilliam M Brims––ThursoCaithness-shire, ScotlandSolicitor1913
54British Museum––––LondonEngland––1913
55Broun, James C CJames C C BrounSheriff-Substitute : M.A. & LL.B.Quendale House, LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandSheriff-Substitute of Shetland1913
56Brown, Arthur W WArthur W W BrownM.A.62 Carlisle Mansions, Carlisle Place, Wesminster, LondonEnglandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
57Brown, CharlesCharles Brown––Head Warder's House, Convict Prison, PeterheadBanffshire, Scotland––1913
58Brown, J RJ R Brown––46 Inverleith Place, EdinburghScotland––1913
59Brown, James JJames J Brown––LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandAssessor1913
60Brown, PeterPeter Brown––24 Percy Gardens, TynemouthEngland––1913
61Brown, R CunynghamR Cunyngham BrownM.D.The General Board of Lunacy, EdinburghScotlandDoctor of Medicine1913
62Brown, ThomasThomas BrownJ.P.Hundland, Birsay, StromnessOrkney Islands, ScotlandJustice of the Peace1913
63Brown, WW BrownM.B.Auchendryne Lodge, BraemarAberdeenshire, Scotland––1913
64Bruce, A McCA McC BruceColonel10 Belvidere, WeymouthEnglandMilitary1913
65Bruce, AlexanderAlexander Bruce––WickCaithness-shire, ScotlandTown-Clerk1913
66Bruce, JohnJohn Brucethe late : D.L. & J.P.Sumburgh, LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
67Bruce, R StuartR Stuart BruceC.A.28 Castle Terrace, EdinburghScotland––1913
68Bruce, William AWilliam A BruceJ.P.of Symbister, Whalsay, LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandJustice of the Peace1913
69Buchan, WilliamWilliam Buchan––Box 158, JohannesburgTransvaal, South Africa––1913
70Bunt, RobertRobert Bunt––KamloopsBritish Columbia, CanadaEngineer & Founder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
71Bute––Most Hon., Marquess ofc/o W. de Gray Birch, 22a Queen Anne's Gate, WestminsterLondon, England––1913
72California, University ofUniversity of California––CaliforniaUSAUniversity1913
73Cameron, William MouatWilliam Mouat CameronThe Rt Reverend Bishop Coadjutor : M.A. (Oxon), D.L., J.P.(of Garth & Annsbrae) : ClaremontCape Colony (South Africa)Founder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
74Carmichael, Evelyn G MEvelyn G M Carmichael––4D Bickenhall Mansions, LondonEngland––1913
75Caskey, ?? Caskey––??––1913
76Chambers, ?? ChambersMiss2 South Cliff Avenue, EastbourneEngland––1913
77Charleton, W SW S Charleton––Wayford Wood, Smallburgh, NorwichEngland––1913
78Cheyne, HarryHarry Cheyne––4 Moray Place, EdinburghScotlandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
79Cheyne, HarryHarry CheyneW.S.of Girlsta, 4 Moray Place, EdinburghScotlandWriter to the Signet1913
80Chicago, Orkney & Shetland Society––––ChicagoIllinois, USASociety1913
81Christiania University Library (Oslo)––––Christiania (Oslo)NorwayUniversity Library1913
82Cinnamon, JJ CinnamonMrs54 Chatsworth Road, LutonEngland––1913
83Clark, JohnJohn Clark––Alexandra Place, StirlingScotland––1913
84Clark, W FordyceW Fordyce Clark––4 York Buildings, EdinburghScotland––1913
85Clark, WilliamWilliam Clark––Hudson's Bay Company, Winnipeg, ManitobaCanadaChief Factor & Founder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
86Clouston, J StorerJ Storer CloustonB.A. (Oxon)24 Clifton Hall, St John's Wood, LondonEngland––1913
87Clouston, J StorerJ Storer CloustonB.A.––UKFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
88Clouston, T ST S CloustonSir : M.D.––UKFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
89Clouston, ThomasThomas Clouston––635 Broadway, WinnipegManitoba, CanadaFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
90Clouston, Thomas JThomas J CloustonSir : M.D.Smoogroo, 26 Heriot Row, EdinburghScotlandDoctor & Founder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
91Clouston, W SW S Clouston––Bank of Montreal, MontrealCanada––1913
92Collingwood, W GW G CollingwoodProfessor : M.A. & F.S.A.––EnglandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
93Collingwood, W GW G CollingwoodM.A. & F.S.A.Lanehead, ConistonLancashire, England––1913
94Copenhagen, Royal Library ofRoyal Library of Copenhagen––CopenhagenDenmarkLibrary1913
95Copland, John PJohn P Copland––'Harviestown', 23 Leslie Road, Pollockshields, GlasgowScotland––1913
96Cormack, ?? CormackMissThursoCaithness-shire, ScotlandBookletseller1913
97Cormack, W PW P CormackM.B. & Ch.B.10 Sinclair Terrace, WickCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
98Cormack, WalterWalter Cormack––Kirk-hill House, WickCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
99Cornell University Library––––Ithaca, New YorkUSA––1913
100Coutts, AlfredAlfred CouttsReverend : B.D.5 Queensferry Terrace, EdinburghScotlandMinister1913
101Coutts, John JJohn J Coutts––5 Gladstone Terrace, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
102Craig, Aeneas NAeneas N CraigReverend : M.A.The Manse, Deerness, KirkwallOrkney Islands, ScotlandMinister1913
103Craig, W EW E Craig––Northern Ensign Office, WickCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
104Cromarty, JohnJohn Cromarty––3 Heron Road, Great MeolsCheshire, England––1913
105Cromer––Rt Hon., The Earl of36 Wimpole Street, LondonEngland––1913
106Crowe, AlexanderAlexander Crowe––Stafford, Place, WickCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
107Crowe, J TJ T Crowe––Orleans House, Orleans Road, Hornsey Rise, LondonEngland––1913
108Currie, James (Jas.)James Currie (Jas.)M.A., F.R.S.E, F.S.A. Scot., J.P.Larkfield, Wardie Road, EdinburghScotlandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
109Cursiter, J WJ W CursiterF.S.A. Scot.KirkwallOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
110Cursiter, J WJ W CursiterF.S.A. Scot.––ScotlandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
111Curtis & Beamish LtdCurtis & Beamish Limited––50 Hertford Street, CoventryEnglandPrinters1913
112Davidson-Wilsone, Charles RCharles R Davidson-Wilsone––Clonyard, DalbeattieKirkcudbrightshire, Scotland––1913
113Davie, J TJ T Davie––P O Box 775 Spokane, WashingtonUSA––1913
114Davie, JohnJohn Davie––84 Braid Road, EdinburghScotland––1913
115Dawson, William (Wm.) & SonsWilliam Dawson (Wm.) & Sons––St Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, LondonEngland––1913
116de Gray Birch, WW de Gray BirchLL.D.22a Queen Anne's Gate, WestminsterLondon, England––1913
117De Sylva, Elph. JElph. J De SylvaB.A. & L.R.C.P.E.Scalloway, LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandParish Medical Officer1913
118Dessen, H FH F Dessen––2 Great Winchester Street, LondonEnglandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
119Dickson, H NH N DicksonD.Sc. & F.R.S.E.The Lawn, Upper Redlands Road, ReadingEngland––1913
120Dickson, William KWilliam K Dickson––EdinburghScotlandKeeper of of Advocates Library1913
121Drever, JamesJames Drever––Education Department, Edinburgh UniversityScotland––1913
122Drever, R DR D DreverMrsSydney House, Matamba Terrace, SunderlandEngland––1913
123Drever, W PW P Drever––KirkwallOrkney Islands, ScotlandSolicitor1913
124Drever, W PW P Drever––––ScotlandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
125Drolsum, A CA C Drolsum––Christiania University Library (Oslo)NorwayChief Librarian1913
126Dublin National Library of Ireland––––c/o Messrs Hodges, Figgis & Co. 104 Grafton St. DublinIrelandLibrary1913
127Dunbar, DuffDuff DunbarMrs : F.S.A. Scot.Ackergill Tower, WickCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
128Duncan, Charles (Chas.) JCharles J Duncan (Chas.)––LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandMerchant1913
129Duncan, James GJames G Duncan––Rosemount Cottage, WickCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
130Durran, ?? DurranDrPrinces Street, ThursoCaithness-shire, ScotlandDoctor1913
131Dybwad, JacobJacob Dybwad––Christiania (Oslo) (assumed address)?NorwayPublisher to Christiania (Oslo) University, Norway1913
132Eckersley, J CJ C EckersleyM.A.Carlton Manor, Yeadon, LeedsEngland––1913
133Edmonston, LaurenceLaurence EdmonstonJ.P.of Buness, Baltasound, LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandJustice of the Peace1913
134Elliot, SamuelSamuel ElliotM.D.Sinclair Terrace, WickCaithness-shire, ScotlandDoctor of Medicine1913
135Elliott, Ernest AErnest A Elliott––16 Belsize Grove, LondonEngland––1913
136Farrant, R DR D Farrant––Wrey House, Olympia, DouglasIsle of Man––1913
137Fish, Frederick PFrederick P Fish––84 State Street, BostonMassachusetts, USA––1913
138Flett, RobertRobert Flett––Bellevue, Orphir, KirkwallOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
139Florican (SS)(SS) Floricana ship––?––1913
140Forbes, J C M OgilvieJ C M Ogilvie Forbes––Boyndlie House, FraserburghAberdeenshire, Scotland––1913
141Fortescue, Archer IrvineArcher Irvine FortescueCaptainKingcausie, Milltimber, AberdeenScotland––1913
142Fortescue, J FJ F Fortescue––c/o Adamson, Gilfinnan & Co. Ltd., SingaporeSingapore––1913
143Fortescue, J FJ F Fortescue––––SingaporeFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
144Fortescue, T D A IrvineT D A Irvine Fortescue––Kingcausie, Milltimber, AberdeenScotland––1913
145Fox, C EC E Fox––Beech Grove, 111 Stanhope Road, DarlingtonEngland––1913
146Fraser, FrancisFrancis Fraser––Grand Hotel, RugbyEngland––1913
147Fraser, JohnJohn Fraser––68 Restalrig Road, Leith, EdinburghScotlandHM Customs & Excise1913
148Galloway, J WJ W GallowayJuniorThursoCaithness-shire, ScotlandSolicitor1913
149Galloway, Sydney VSydney V Galloway––Pier Street, AberystwythWales––1913
150Ganson, AndrewAndrew Ganson––56 Knowle Road, Brixton, LondonEngland––1913
151Ganson, R DR D Ganson––Brentham Place, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
152Garriock, A BA B Garriock––c/o Pearce & Garriock, HankowChina––1913
153Garriock, Lewis JLewis J GarriockJ.P.of Burwick, Gibleston, Scalloway, LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandJustice of the Peace1913
154Garriock, ThomasThomas Garriock––512 Cordova Street, W. VancouverBritish Columbia, Canada––1913
155Garson, William (Wm.)William Garson (Wm.)W.S.60 Palmerston Place, EdinburghScotlandWriter to the Signet & Founder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
156Georgeson, D WD W Georgeson––WickCaithness-shire, ScotlandSolicitor1913
157Georgeson, JohnJohn Georgeson––c/o Pole, Hoseason & Co., Mossbank, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
158Gibson, FredFred Gibson––P O Box 2175 Johannesburg, TransvaalSouth Africa––1913
159Gibson, Hugh CHugh C GibsonM.B.MilnathortKinross-shire, Scotland––1913
160Gillieson, A HA H GilliesonReverend : B.D.The Manse, OlrigCaithness-shire, ScotlandMinister1913
161Glasgow Caithness Literary Association––––per John Mowat, 213 Berkeley Street, GlasgowScotland––1913
162Glasgow Library of the University––––per James Maclehose & Sons, 61 St Vincent Street, GlasgowScotland––1913
163Glasgow Orkney & Shetland Literary & Scientific Association––––per John A Tait, 45 Kirkland Street, GlasgowScotland––1913
164Gollancz, II GollanczProfessor : Litt.D.Melrose, Shoot-up-Hill, Brondesbury, LondonEngland––1913
165Goodfellow, Alexander (Alex.)Alexander Goodfellow (Alex.)Reverend––ScotlandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
166Goodfellow, Alex(ander)Alexander Goodfellow Alex(ander)ReverendUF Manse, St Margaret's Hope, OrkneyOrkney Islands, ScotlandMinister1913
167Goodlad, P SP S Goodlad––1 Gladstone Terrace, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
168Gordon, William JWilliam J Gordon––of Windhouse Terrace, Mid Yell, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
169Gorn, CC Gorn––Custom House, HelmsdaleSutherlandshire, Scotland––1913
170Gosse, EdmundEdmund GosseC.B. & LL.D.17 Hanover Terrace, Regent's Park, LondonEngland––1913
171Goudie, GilbertGilbert GoudieF.S.A. Scot.––ScotlandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
172Goudie, GilbertGilbert GoudieF.S.A. Scot.31 Great King Street, EdinburghScotland––1913
173Goudie, James MJames M GoudieProvost : J.P.LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandJustice of the Peace, Provost of Lerwick & Founder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
174Goudie, James MJames M GoudieJ.P.Montfield, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
175Goudie, William PWilliam P Goudie––Irvine House, Wilson Street, DerbyEngland––1913
176Goudie, Z HZ H GoudieMiss : B.A.Cassilla, 244 Collegis Ingelse, Punta Arenas, Str. of MagellanChile––1913
177Grant, CormackCormack GrantM.B.Cedar Lodge, Auckland Park, JohannesburgTransvaal, South Africa––1913
178Grant, Francis JFrancis J GrantW.S.Lyon Office, EdinburghScotlandRothesay Herald & Lyon Clerk & Founder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
179Grant, Francis JFrancis J GrantW.S.Lyon Office, EdinburghScotlandRothesay Herald & Lyon Clerk1913
180Grant, JamesJames Grant––Thorfynn House, ThursoCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
181Grant, JamesJames Grant––25 Castle Street, BanffBanffshireSolicitor1913
182Grant, P A HP A H GrantF.S.A. Scot.of Druminnor, RyhnieAberdeenshire, Scotland––1913
183Gray, JamesJames GrayM.A.53 Montagu Square, LondonEnglandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
184Green, G A OG A O Green––WickCaithness-shire, ScotlandSolicitor1913
185Grevel, H & Co.H Grevel & Company––33 King Street, Covent Garden, LondonEngland––1913
186Grierson, H J CH J C GriersonProfessor7 King's Gate, AberdeenScotland––1913
187Grierson, J CJ C GriersonJ.P.of Quendale, LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandWriter to the Signet 1913
188Gunn, A B MA B M GunnM.B.Saintear House, Westrey, KirkwallOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
189Gunn, DavidDavid Gunn––Back Bride Street, WickCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
190Gunn, GeorgeGeorge GunnF.E.I.S.WickCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
191Gunn, JohnJohn GunnM.A. & D.Sc.62 Blacket Place, EdinburghScotland––1913
192Guthrie––Right Hon., LordSwanston Cottage, Colinton (now Edinburgh)Scotland––1913
193Hacon, LlewellynLlewellyn HaconMrsLlewellyn, Oversteps, DornochSutherlandshire, Scotland––1913
194Halcrow, JohnJohn HalcrowJuniorc/o John Halcrow, Levenwick, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
195Halcrow, PeterPeter Halcrow––2 St Leonard's Street, EdinburghScotland––1913
196Hamilton, R WR W HamiltonJudge : M.A. Camb.MombassaEast Africa (Keyna)Judge1913
197Harmsworth, R LR L HarmsworthM.P.Caxton House, Westminster, LondonEnglandMember of Parliament1913
198Harrassowitz, OO Harrassowitz––LeipzigGermany––1913
199Harray, William (Wm.)William Harray (Wm.)––Greenfields,Te PukeNew Zealand––1913
200Harrison, ?? HarrisonMissProspect House, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
201Harrison, GG Harrison––31 Burgh Road, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
202Harrold, Alexander (Alex.)Alexander Harrold (Alex,)––26 Park Road, Newcastle-on-TyneNothumberland, England––1913
203Hastie, J AJ A HastieMissc/o Messrs Street & Co., 30 Cornhill, LondonEnglandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
204Hatton, M WM W Hatton––Liberty College for Women, GlasgowKentucky, USA––1913
205Hay, ?? HayMissKveldsro, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
206Haye, J JohnstoneJ Johnstone Haye––Kinaere Hill, LutonEngland––1913
207Hebden, Harry HHarry H Hebden––of Eday, 3rd N N Regt., Kano, N NigeriaWest Africa (Nigeria)––1913
208Heddle, MalcolmMalcolm Heddle––KirkwallOrkney Islands, ScotlandCounty Surveyor1913
209Heddle, W JW J Heddle––KirkwallOrkney Islands, ScotlandSolicitor1913
210Henderson, ?? HendersonMissOrmlie, Clifton Down Road, BristolEngland––1913
211Henderson, JohnJohn HendersonReverendSt Pancras Rectory, ChichesterSussex, EnglandMinister1913
212Henry, John BJohn B Henry––202 Ferry Road, Leith, EdinburghScotland––1913
213Hodges, Figgis & Co.Hodges, Figgis & Company––104 Grafton Street, DublinIreland––1913
214Horne, JohnJohn HorneReverendLincroft,' Carrick Avenue, AyrScotlandMinister1913
215Hoseason, JamesJames Hoseason––Gutcher, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
216Hoseason, T WT W Hoseason––KroonstadOrange River Colony, South Africa––1913
217Hourie, W LW L Hourie––Union Bank House, LochgellyFife, Scotland––1913
218Hourston, DavidDavid Hourston––St Ola,' Ronaldshaw Park, AyrScotland––1913
219Hourston, John WJohn W HourstonM.A.The Schoolhouse, DornochSutherlandshire, Scotland––1913
220Houston, DavidDavid HoustonReverend : M.A.UF Manse, LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandMinister1913
221Hughson, JohnJohn Hughson––Lighthouse, StornawayRoss-shire––1913
222Hughson, WilliamWilliam Hughson––Hubie, Fetlar, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
223Hunter, D G KD G K Hunter––19 Hillhead, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
224Hunter, JosephJoseph Hunter––2929 Shields Avenue, ChicagoIllinois, USA––1913
225Hunter, R BR B Hunter––Union Bank House, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
226Inkster, ?? InksterMissBrae, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
227Inkster, ?? InksterMrKing Street, AberdeenAberdeenshire, ScotlandFiremaster1913
228Inkster, Jno. GibsonJno. Gibson InksterReverendFirst Congregational Church, Victoria, Vancouver IslandBritish Columbia, CanadaMinister1913
229Inkster, RobertRobert InksterJ.P.Ingaville, Scalloway, LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandJustice of the Peace1913
230Inkster, Samuel MacaulaySamuel Macaulay InksterM.D. Edin.Broomhill Lodge, SheffieldEnglandDoctor of Medicine1913
231Irvine, JamesJames IrvineJuniorMossbank House, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
232Irvine, MagnusMagnus Irvine––23 Greenhill Gardens, EdinburghScotland––1913
233Irvine, William (Wm.) BalfourWilliam Balfour Irvine (Wm.)B.A.St Magnus, Woodmuir Park, West Newport-on-TayFife, Scotland––1913
234Isbister, W JW J Isbister––27 James Watt Street, GlasgowScotland––1913
235Iverack, JamesJames IverackReverend : M.A. & D.D.12 Ferryhill Place, AberdeenScotlandMinister1913
236Jakobsen, JakobJakob JakobsenPh.D.Grundsvigsvej 5, CopenhagenDenmark––1913
237Jakobsen, JakobJakob JakobsenPh.D.––DenmarkFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
238Jamieson, ChristinaChristina JamiesonMissTwagios House, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
239Jamieson, George (Geo.)George Jamieson (Geo.)––Breadalbane Crescent, WickCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
240Jamieson, J CJ C Jamieson––Baltasound, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
241Jamieson, James RJames R Jamieson––4 Gladstone Terrace, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
242Jamieson, W TW T Jamieson––St Olaf Street, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
243Jamieson, WilliamWilliam Jamieson––Central House, Sandwick, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
244Jerrold, ClareClare JerroldMrsJessamine House, Hampton-on-ThamesEngland––1913
245Johnson, William WatsonWilliam Watson Johnson––61 Burgh Road, LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandShipmaster1913
246Johnston, AA Johnston––––UKFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
247Johnston, A WA W JohnstonF.S.A. Scot.––EnglandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
248Johnston, A WA W JohnstonF.S.A. Scot.29 Ashburnam Mansions, Chelsea, LondonEnglandHon. Editor1913
249Johnston, A WA W JohnstonMrs29 Ashburnam Mansions, Chelsea, LondonEnglandHon. Editor1913
250Johnston, C S SC S S Johnston––'Erneston', Boswell Road, EdinburghScotland––1913
251Johnston, George PGeorge P Johnston––33 George Street, EdinburghScotland––1913
252Johnston, H HH H JohnstonColonel : C.B., M.D.Orphir House, KirkwallOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
253Johnston, JamesJames JohnstonJ.P.Orphir House, KirkwallOrkney Islands, ScotlandJustice of the Peace1913
254Johnston, JamesJames JohnstonJ.P.––ScotlandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
255Johnston, LaurenceLaurence Johnston––28 York Street, Newcastle-on-TyneNorthumberland, England––1913
256Jones, Thomas (Thos.) DaviesThomas Davies Jones (Thos.)––Leighton House, Fleet Street, LondonEngland––1913
257Kay, George GGeorge G Kay––Rocklea, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
258Kemp, D WD W Kemp––Ivy Lodge, Laverockbank Road, Trinity, EdinburghScotland––1913
259Ker, W PW P KerProfessor : LL.D.95 Gower Street, LondonEngland––1913
260Kiel University Library––––KielGermanyUniversity1913
261King, WilliamWilliam King––'Enhallow', Burnside, GlasgowScotland––1913
262Kirby, W FW F Kirby––'Hilden', Sutton Court Road, Chiswick, LondonEngland––1913
263Kirkness, William (Wm.)William Kirkness (Wm.)––2 Maple Road, Leytonstone, LondonEngland––1913
264Laing, A LA L Laing––101 Commercial Street, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
265Laird, JJ Laird––13 Berlin Road, Catford, LondonEngland––1913
266Laughton, A MA M LaughtonF.I.A. & F.F.A.Queen Street, MelbourneVictoria, AustraliaVictoria Government Statist1913
267Laughton, J MJ M LaughtonM.B. & C.M.––EnglandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
268Laughton, J MJ M LaughtonM.B. & C.M.93 Richmond Road, Dalston, LondonEngland––1913
269Laughton, James CJames C Laughton––18 Crighton Place, Leith Walk, EdinburghScotland––1913
270Laughton, JohnJohn LaughtonJ.P.8 Blairbeth Drive, Mount Flordia, GlasgowScotlandJustice of the Peace1913
271Laurenson, Charles DuncanCharles Duncan LaurensonJ.P.81a Brisbane Street, GreenockRenfrewshire, ScotlandJustice of the Peace1913
272Laurenson, GilbertGilbert Laurenson––153 Mayfield Road, EdinburghScotland––1913
273Laurenson, J WJ W Laurenson––Hill House, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
274Leask, J T SmithJ T Smith Leask––––ScotlandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
275Leask, J T SmithJ T Smith Leask––145 St Vincent Street, GlasgowScotland––1913
276Leask, J W SutherlandJ W Sutherland Leask––Broad Street Avenue, LondonEngland––1913
277Leask, JohnJohn Leask––Barnhouse, Stenness, StromnessOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
278Leask, ThomasThomas Leaskthe lateRedholm, ArdrossanAyrshire, ScotlandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
279Leask, William (Wm.)William Leask (Wm.)––HM Sasine Office, General Register House, Edinburgh (work address)Scotland––1913
280Leech, ?? LeechMrs4 Kensington Palace Gardens, LondonEngland––1913
281Leipzig University Library––––LeipzigGermanyLibrary1913
282Leith, R S WR S W Leith––WickCaithness-shire, ScotlandProcurator-Fiscal1913
283Lennie, M SM S Lennie––'Broncroft', Windsor Road, Church End, Finchley, LondonEngland––1913
284Leonard, GeorgeGeorge Leonard––21 Victoria Street, KirkwallOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
285Leslie, GeorgeGeorge Leslie––Quendale, Dunrossness, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
286Leslie, WilliamWilliam LeslieJ.P.Dundas Street, StromnessOrkney Islands, ScotlandJustice of the Peace1913
287Lias, Charles RCharles R LiasMrs5 Sloan Court, LondonEngland––1913
288Liddell, John OgilvieJohn Ogilvie Liddell––111 Madrid Street, BelfastIreland––1913
289Linklater, RobertRobert LinklaterCaptainInglenook, Dounby, KirkwallOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
290Logie, James S SJames S S LogieM.D.KirkwallOrkney Islands, ScotlandDoctor of Medicine1913
291Louttit, JJ Louttit––11 Brandon Street, EdinburghScotland––1913
292Louttit, Magnus BMagnus B Louttit––St Margaret's HopeOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
293Louttit, W MW M Louttit––P O Box 3, PretoriaTransvaal, South Africa––1913
294Lyon, TomTom Lyon––Post Box 27, VolksrustTransvaal, South Africa––1913
295MacCormick, FF MacCormickReverend : F.S.A. Scot.Wrockwardine Wood Rectory, Wellington, SalopEngland––1913
296MacDonald, AlexanderAlexander MacDonald––Ormlie Manse, ThursoCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
297MacDonald, GeorgeGeorge MacDonald––Pennyland, ThursoCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
298MacEchern, DugaldDugald MacEchernReverend : B.D.The Manse, Bower, WickCaithness-shire, ScotlandMinister1913
299MacGregor, CharlesCharles MacGregor––KirkwallOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
300Mackay, DonaldDonald MackayC.E.Reay House, HerefordEngland––1913
301Mackay, HughHugh Mackay––Mailland, Baltasound, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
302Mackay, JJ MackayLieutenant-ColonelSeend ManorWiltshire, England––1913
303Mackay, JohnJohn Mackay––Queen's Hotel, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
304Mackay, RobertRobert MackayReverend : M.A.The Rectory, Longside, AberdeenScotland––1913
305Mackenzie, AA Mackenzie––WickCaithness-shire, ScotlandDraper1913
306Mackenzie, J CJ C Mackenzie––Schoolhouse, LybsterCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
307Mackenzie, WilliamWilliam Mackenzie––14 Westhall Gardens, EdinburghScotland––1913
308Mackintosh, W RW R Mackintosh––'Orcadian' Office, KirkwallOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
309Maclehose, James & SonsJames Maclehose & Sons––61 St Vincent Street, GlasgowScotland––1913
310Maclennan, Andrew AAndrew A MaclennanM.B. & C.M.26 Church Lane, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
311MacLennan, JohnJohn MacLennanDrThursoCaithness-shire, ScotlandDoctor1913
312MacLeod, JamesJames MacLeodL.D.S.Sinclair Terrace, WickCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
313Macnaughtan, AlexanderAlexander Macnaughtan––20 Queen Street, EdinburghScotland––1913
314Major, A FA F Major––––EnglandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
315Major, A FA F Major––30 The Waldrons, CroydonEngland––1913
316Malcolm, JohnJohn MalcolmProfessor : M.D.Otago University, DunedinNew Zealand––1913
317Malcolm, KateKate MalcolmMissCorsback, Dunnet, ThursoCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
318Malcomson, LL Malcomson––Flanderstown, Cunningsburgh, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
319Manchester Public Free Libraries etc.––––King Street, ManchesterEngland––1913
320Manson, HenryHenry Manson––ThursoCaithness-shire, ScotlandLibrarian1913
321Manson, PeterPeter Manson––Lunna, Vidlon, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
322Manson, Peter FraserPeter Fraser Manson––Maryfield, Bressay, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
323Marwick, David WDavid W MarwickW.S.39 Inverleith Place, EdinburghScotlandWriter to the Signet1913
324Masson, JohnJohn Masson––Royal Asylum, MontroseForfarshire, ScotlandTreasurer1913
325Mathewson, ThomasThomas MathewsonReverendSt Mary's Rectory, Auchindoir, RhynieAberdeenshire, ScotlandMinister & Founder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
326Mattheson, KennethKenneth MatthesonSir : BaronetGledfield House, ArdgayRoss-shire––1913
327Maylam, PercyPercy Maylam––32 Watling Street, CanterburyEngland––1913
328McAffer, Ronald SRonald S McAfferReverendUF Manse, Fetlar, LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandMinister1913
329McIver, D DD D McIver––Scourie, LairgSutherlandshire, Scotland––1913
330McKee, RobertRobert McKeeM.A.Harelsden College, Harelsden, LondonEngland––1913
331McLennan, John FJohn F McLennanSheriff : K.C. & M.A.20 Heriot Row, EdinburghScotlandSheriff of Orkney & Shetland1913
332McPherson, ?? McPhersonMrsSchoolhouse, Dale, Walls, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
333Meason, William (Wm.)William Meason (Wm.)––26 Blythswood Drive, GlasgowScotland––1913
334Mellor, A ShawA Shaw MellorM.A.––EnglandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
335Mellor, A ShawA Shaw MellorM.A.14 Westbourne Street, Hyde Park, LondonEngland––1913
336Melville, W SW S MelvilleDrWoodilee, Lenzie, GlasgowScotlandDoctor1913
337Merrilees, ?? MerrileesMrsEast Linton (Prestonkirk)Haddingtonshire, Scotland––1913
338Millar, R J GR J G Millar––John O' Groat Journal office, WickCaithness-shire, ScotlandEditor1913
339Millar, RobertRobert Millar––P O Box 55 SteeltonOntario, Canada––1913
340Miller, ?? MillerReverend, DrSouth UF Manse, BuckieBanffshireMinister1913
341Miller, John FJohn F MillerReverendUF Manse, Clousta, LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandMinister1913
342Mitchell Library––––GlasgowScotlandLibrary1913
343Moar, AndrewAndrew Moar––Mathew's Quay, AberdeenScotland––1913
344Moar, John IngramJohn Ingram Moar––6 Moor Street, Cambridge Circus, LondonEngland––1913
345Moffatt, AlexanderAlexander MoffattSheriff-SubstituteArnotdale, FalkirkStirlingshire, ScotlandSheriff-Substitute of Falkirk1913
346Moir, Robert CampbellRobert Campbell Moir––DunnetCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
347Moncreiffe, William (Wm.)William Moncreiffe (Wm.)––Woodside, TorquayEngland––1913
348Mooney, JohnJohn Mooney––6 Albert Street, KirkwallOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
349Moor––Lady235 West Street, MaritzburgNatal, South Africa––1913
350Morgan, LL MorganColonel : R.E.Brynbriallu, SwanseaWales––1913
351Morgan, R AR A Morgan––Schoolhouse, SpittalCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
352Morrison, ?? MorrisonMiss1 Mount Hooly Street, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
353Mouat, G CG C Mouat––Box 286, Spokane, WashingtonUSA––1913
354Mouat, James PJames P Mouat––Tingwall, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
355Mouat, JohnJohn Mouat––13 Succoth Place, EdinburghScotland––1913
356Mowat, AlexanderAlexander Mowat––WickCaithness-shire, ScotlandBank Agent1913
357Mowat, JohnJohn MowatM.A. & M.D.The Village, West Watten, CaithnessCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
358Mowat, JohnJohn Mowat––213 Berkeley Street, GlasgowScotland––1913
359Mowat, JohnJohn Mowat––213 Berkeley Street, GlasgowScotland––1913
360Mowat, T RT R MowatCaptain'The Braes', Falmouth Avenue, Highams Park, Chingford, LondonEngland––1913
361Munich Royal and State Library––––MunichGermanyLibrary1913
362Munro, DonaldDonald MunroReverendFree Church Manse, Ferintosh, Conon BridgeRoss-shireMinister1913
363Munro, GeorgeGeorge MunroM.B.The Cromlech, Ardnadam, DunoonArgyllshire, Scotland––1913
364Munro, RobertRobert MunroM.P.26 St James' Court, LondonEnglandMember of Parliament1913
365Murray, D KeithD Keith Murray––ThursoCaithness-shire, ScotlandSolicitor1913
366New York Public Library––––New YorkUSALibrary1913
367Newberry Library––––ChicagoUSALibrary1913
368Newcastle-upon-Tyne Public Library––––Newcastle-upon-TyneNorthumberland, EnglandLibrary1913
369Nice, J BJ B NiceMrsBrookville Station St John County, New Brunswick, Canada––1913
370Nicol, JohnJohn Nicol––Fountain Road, GolspieSutherlandshire, Scotland––1913
371Nicolson, CatherineCatherine NicolsonMiss12 Pilrig Street, EdinburghScotland––1913
372Nicolson, DavidDavid NicolsonM.A.Westerfield, PerthScotland––1913
373Nicolson, ThomasThomas NicolsonJuniorSeaview, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
374Nicolson, WilliamWilliam Nicolson––WickCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
375Ogilvy, JamesJames Ogilvy––Albany Street, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
376Oman, C W CC W C OmanProfessor : LL.D.All Souls' College, OxfordEnglandProfessor1913
377Oman, JohnJohn OmanReverend DrWestminster College, Bounds, CambridgeEnglandMinister1913
378Oman, Simon RSimon R Oman––43 Shaw Road, Heaton Moor near StockportEngland––1913
379Omond, JamesJames Omond––Bank of Scotland, 30 Bishopgate, LondonEngland––1913
380Omond, T ST S Omond––14 Calverley Park, Tunbridge WellsEngland––1913
381Ottawa Library of Parliament––––OttawaCanada––1913
382Owen, Louis JLouis J OwenF.T.S.C.WickCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
383Pannett, A RA R Pannett––Hayward's HeathEngland––1913
384Panton, J AJ A PantonC.M.G.'Carrannya', Alexandra Street, East St Kilda, Melbourne, VictoriaAustralia––1913
385Paterson, AlexanderAlexander PatersonReverend : M.A.The Manse, Westrey, KirkwallOrkney Islands, ScotlandMinister1913
386Paterson, Octavia GOctavia G PatersonMissAshmore, HelensburghDumbartonshire, Scotland––1913
387Paton, HenryHenry PatonReverend : M.A.184 Mayfield Road, EdinburghScotlandMinister1913
388Peace, EdwardEdward Peace––c/o Edward Peace & Co., Victoria Street, BanburyAustraliaMerchants1913
389Peace, PP Peace––1 Kilmaurs Road, EdinburghScotland––1913
390Peace, T ST S Peace––King Street, KirkwallOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
391Peace, William & SonsWilliam Peace & SonsMessrsOrkney Herald' Office, KirkwallOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
392Peace, William GWilliam G Peace––Grantown-on-SpeyInverness-shireSolicitor1913
393Pearce & Garrick––––HankowChina––1913
394Petty, S LS L Petty––Dykelands, UlverstonEngland––1913
395Pilkington, Thomas (Thos.)Thomas Pilkington (Thos.)––Sandside, ThursoCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
396Pirie, G JamiesonG Jamieson PirieDrc/o Rev A Irvine Pirie, Trumbland, Manse, Rousay, KirkwallOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
397Pocklington-Coltman, ?? Pocklington-ColtmanMrsHagnaby Priory, SpilsbyEngland––1913
398Pole, Hoseason & Co.Hoseason Pole & Company––Mossbank, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
399Portland––His Grace, Duke of : K.G.c/o The Librarian, Welbeck Abbey, WorksopEngland––1913
400Pottinger, J AJ A PottingerDrDon Street, InvercargillNew ZealandDoctor1913
401Pottinger, ThomasThomas Pottinger––1 Burgh Road, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
402Pretsell, TT PretsellM.B.Castle Garden, Scalloway, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
403Quaritch, BernardBernard Quaritch––11 Grafton Street, New Bond Street, LondonEngland––1913
404Rae, AlexanderAlexander RaeSirWickCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
405Rae, John SpenceJohn Spence RaeJ.P.StromnessOrkney Islands, ScotlandJustice of the Peace1913
406Ratter, William WWilliam W Ratter––6 St Magnus Street, LerwickOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
407Reid, GeorgeGeorge Reid––72 Park Drive South, Whiteinch, GlasgowScotland––1913
408Reid, George William (Wm.)George William Reid (Wm.)M.A.The Ayre, KirkwallOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
409Reid, RobertRobert ReidMrs12 Wellington Street, KirkwallOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
410Reid, SS ReidYoungerof Braebuster, KirkwallOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
411Rendall, Robert JRobert J Rendall––469-471 Broome Street, New York CityUSA––1913
412Richardson & Co.Richardson & Company––25 Suffolk Street, Pall Mall East, LondonEngland––1913
413Ritch, A TA T Ritch––c/o S Marshall Bulley & Son, SavannahGeorgia, USA––1913
414Ritchie, JohnJohn RitchieReverend : M.A.The Manse, HalkirkCaithness-shire, ScotlandMinister1913
415RobertsonRobertson RobertsonMissThe Hollies, Clent near StourbridgeEngland––1913
416Robertson, Adam ArcusAdam Arcus Robertson––29 Trinity Road, Leith, EdinburghScotland––1913
417Robertson, Duncan JDuncan J Robertson––––ScotlandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
418Robertson, Duncan JDuncan J Robertson––Crantit House, St Ola, KirkwallOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
419Robertson, G A GG A G RobertsonC.A.13 Basinghall Street, LondonEnglandChartered Accountant1913
420Robertson, George ScottGeorge Scott RobertsonSir : K.C.S.I & M.P.2 Mitre Court Buildings, Temple, LondonEnglandMember of Parliament1913
421Robertson, HarryHarry Robertson––23 & 25 Eastcheap, LondonEngland––1913
422Robertson, JamesJames RobertsonM.A.27 Holyrood Quadrant, GlasgowScotland––1913
423Robertson, JamesJames Robertson––ForestvilleSonoma County, California, USA––1913
424Robertson, John FJohn F RobertsonM.A., M.D. & J.P.Viewforth, LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandJustice of the Peace1913
425Robertson, RobertRobert Robertson––Sherwood House, UphallEdinburghshire, Scotland––1913
426Roseberry (Rosebery)––Rt Hon., Earl of : K.G. & K.T.38 Berkeley Square, LondonEngland––1913
427Ross, ?? Ross––WickCaithness-shire, ScotlandProvost1913
428Ross, AlexanderAlexander RossReverend : B.D.The Manse, Pulteneytown, WickCaithness-shire, ScotlandMinister1913
429Ross, DonaldDonald Ross––BarrieOntario, CanadaSolicitor1913
430Ross, DonaldDonald RossReverendWest UF Manse, ThursoCaithness-shire, ScotlandMinister1913
431Russell, J CJ C RussellVery Reverend : D.D. & F.S.A. Scot.9 Coates Gardens, EdinburghScotlandMinister1913
432Ruvigny––Marquis of15 Hanover Chambers, Buckingham Street, Strand, LondonEngland––1913
433Ruvigny––Marquis of––EnglandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
434Sabiston, Douglas CDouglas C Sabiston––LadysmithBritish Columbia, Canada––1913
435Sandison, AA SandisonReverend––EnglandMinister & Founder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
436Sandison, Alexander (Alex.)Alexander Sandison (Alex.)Reverend27 St Peter's Road, South CroydonEnglandMinister1913
437Sandison, ArthurArthur Sandison––LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandTown-Clerk1913
438Sandison, Charles (Chas.) G DCharles G D Sandison (Chas.)J.P.Baltasound, LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandJustice of the Peace1913
439Sandison, J PJ P SandisonJ.P.Maundeville, Uyeasound, LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandJustice of the Peace1913
440Sandwick Mutual Improvement Association––––StromnessOrkney Islands, Scotland, Scotland––1913
441Saumarez, EvelynEvelyn SaumarezHon.43 Grosvenor Place, LondonEngland––1913
442Saxby, Jessie M EJessie M E SaxbyMrs––ScotlandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
443Saxby, Jessie M EJessie M E SaxbyMrsWullver's Hool, Baltasound, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
444Sclater, F SF S SclaterReverendNewick Park, LewesEnglandMinister1913
445Scobie, James MathesonJames Matheson Scobie––Smoo House, Durness, LairgSutherlandshire, Scotland––1913
446Scott, L GL G Scott––King Harald Street, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
447Sephton, JJ SephtonReverend90 Huskisson Street, LiverpoolEnglandMinister1913
448Shand, JamesJames Shand––––ScotlandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
449Shand, JamesJames Shand––Union Bank of Scotland, DundeeScotland––1913
450Shearer, JohnJohn Shearer––Thistle Villa, ThursoCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
451Shearer, PP Shearer––Cedarlea, KirkwallOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
452Shetland Literary & Scientific Society––––Seaman's House Buidings, LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandSociety1913
453Shewan, SinclairSinclair Shewan––Still, Fetlar, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
454Signet Library––––EdinburghEdinburghshire, ScotlandLibrary1913
455Simpson, ?? Simpson––WickCaithness-shire, ScotlandEx-Bailie1913
456Sinclair, F GF G Sinclair––of Mey, Barrogill Castle, Thurso & Friday Hill, ChingfordScotland & Essex, England––1913
457Sinclair, Georgina IGeorgina I SinclairMiss5 Tolbooth Lane, WickCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
458Sinclair, JamesJames Sinclair––Union Bank of Scotland Ltd., KirkwallOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
459Sinclair, John R GJohn R G SinclairSir : D.S.O.Barrock House, WickCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
460Sinclair, MagnusMagnus SinclairReverendCongregational Manse, Coupar-AngusPerthshire, ScotlandMinister1913
461Sinclair, RR Sinclair––Lands Registry Offices, DunedinNew Zealand––1913
462Sinclair, R JR J Sinclair––Union Street, WickCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
463Sinclair, W MW M SinclairVenerable ArchdeaconThe Rectory, Shermanbury, HenfieldEngland––1913
464Sinclair, William (Wm.)William Sinclair (Wm.)M.D.ManorSaskatchewan, Canada––1913
465Sinclair, William (Wm.)William Sinclair (Wm.)Junior62 Hampton Road, Forest Gate, LondonEngland––1913
466Slater, John MJohn M Slater––Dundas Crescent, KirkwallOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
467Small, JohnJohn Small––Union Bank Buildings, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
468Smith, JohnJohn Smith––Cumliewick, Sandwick, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
469Smith, MalcolmMalcolm SmithProvost7 Commercial Street, Leith, EdinburghScotlandProvost1913
470Smith, T ST S SmithCaptain4/2 May Road, Hastings, CalcuttaIndia––1913
471Smith, William (Wm.)William Smith (Wm.)––Tainglands, Sandwick, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
472Smith, WilliamWilliam Smith––Newark, Sandwick, StromnessOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
473Spence, J AJ A Spence––Saxaford, Oxford Drive, LiverpoolEngland––1913
474Spence, JohnJohn SpenceF.E.I.S.Glenlea, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
475Spence, MagnusMagnus Spence––Schoolhouse, Deerness, KirkwallOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
476Spence, MagnusMagnus Spence––––ScotlandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
477Spence, NicolNicol Spence––KirkwallOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
478Spence, T W LT W L Spence––The Holms, Granton Road, EdinburghScotland––1913
479St Clair, RolandRoland St Clair––635 Broadway, WinnipegCanada––1913
480Stafford––Most Hon., Marquis ofDunrobin CastleSutherlandshire, Scotland––1913
481Stedman, DouglasDouglas StedmanB.A.28 de Crespigny Park, Denmark Hill, LondonEngland––1913
482Steele, ?? SteeleMrsOrphir House, KirkwallOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
483Stefánsson, JónJón StefánssonPh.D.not givennot givenFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
484Stefánsson, JónJón StefánssonPh.D.not givennot given––1913
485Stephen, DD Stephen––South End, StromnessOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
486Steuart, A FrancisA Francis Steuart––79 Great King Street, EdinburghScotland––1913
487Steuart, A FrancisA Francis Steuart––––ScotlandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
488Steven, JamesJames Steven––Park View, WickCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
489Stevens, B F & BrownB F Stevens & Brown––4 Trafalgar Square, LondonEnglandAgent, New York Public Library 1913
490Stewart, C BalfourC Balfour StewartM.A. & M.B.Huntspill, BridgwaterEngland––1913
491Stewart, R A ClappertonR A Clapperton StewartC.A.2 Church Place, GreenockRenfrewshire, ScotlandChartered Accountant1913
492Stewart, W BalfourW Balfour Stewart––Firgrove, Park Grove West, BirkenheadEngland––1913
493Stockholm Royal Library––––StockholmSweden––1913
494Stout, GeorgeGeorge StoutChief Justice121 St Vincent Street, GlasgowScotland––1913
495Stout, RobertRobert StoutHon., Sir : K.C.M.G.WellingtonNew ZealandChief Justice, Supreme Court 1913
496Stout, RobertRobert Stout––LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
497Stout, ThomasThomas Stout––16 Huntly Gardens, GlasgowScotland––1913
498Stuart, AA StuartMrsLochrin House, Craiglockart Terrace, EdinburghScotland––1913
499Stuart, DudleyDudley StuartSheriff-SubstituteBanffBanffshireSheriff-Substitute1913
500Sutherland––Her Grace, Duchess ofDunrobin CastleSutherlandshire, Scotland––1913
501Sutherland, Alexander (Alex.)Alexander Sutherland (Alex.)––Schoolhouse, Gersa, WattenCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
502Sutherland, ArchibaldArchibald Sutherland––Lystina House, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
503Sutherland, C JC J SutherlandMajor : M.D.Dacre House, Laygate, South ShieldsEnglandDoctor1913
504Sutherland, DD Sutherland––LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandWatchmaker1913
505Sutherland, JJ Sutherland––South Unst People's Institute, Uyeasound, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
506Sutherland, JohnJohn Sutherland––73 South Side, Clapham Common, LondonEngland––1913
507Sutherland, JohnJohn Sutherland––Græmsay', Thorn Road, Bearsden, GlasgowScotland––1913
508Sutherland-Græme, PP Sutherland-Græme––of Graemeshall, 3 Dr. Johnson's Buildings, Temple, LondonEngland––1913
509Sveinbjörnsson, SveinbjörnSveinbjörn Sveinbjörnsson––63 Comiston Drive, EdinburghScotland––1913
510Swain, AgnesAgnes SwainMiss5 Addison Crescent, Kensington, LondonEngland––1913
511Swain, ErnestErnest Swain––'Woodlands', Chorley Wood, RickmansworthEngland––1913
512Sykes, FrankFrank Sykes––Borrobol, KinbraceSutherlandshire, Scotland––1913
513Tait, John AJohn A Tait––45 Kirkland Street, GlasgowScotland––1913
514Tait, John E WJohn E W TaitJ.P.Dounby, KirkwallOrkney Islands, ScotlandJustice of the Peace1913
515Tait, PeterPeter Tait––Mayfield, Milngavie, GlasgowScotland––1913
516Tait, RobertRobert TaitJ.P.Taitville, WellingtonNew Zealand––1913
517Taranger, AA TarangerProfessorSlemdal, per ChristianiaNorway––1913
518Teit, J AJ A Teit––Spence's BridgeBritish Columbia, Canada––1913
519Thin, JamesJames Thin––54-55 South Bridge, EdinburghScotlandBook seller1913
520Thirkell, R A CR A C ThirkellF.S.A. Scot.Clare Street, New TownTasmania, Australia––1913
521Thomason, JamesJames ThomasonMrsSpurries House, Walls, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
522Thompson, Magnus DMagnus D Thompson––53 Comely Bank Road, EdinburghScotland––1913
523Thomson, GeorgeGeorge Thomson––21 Muslin Street, GlasgowScotland––1913
524Thomson, RobertRobert Thomson––Daisy Cottage, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
525Thomson, Thomas WilliamThomas William Thomson––86 Commercial Street, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
526Thurso Public Library––––ThursoCaithness-shire, Scotland––1913
527Toller, T NT N TollerProfessorLansdown House, Didsbury, ManchesterEngland––1913
528Towers, D CD C Towers––The Plainstones, StromnessOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
529Trail, J AJ A TrailLL.D.14 Belgrave Place, EdinburghScotland––1913
530Traill, GeorgeGeorge Traill––of Holland, Charlesfield, MidcalderEdinburghshire, Scotland––1913
531Traill, Gilbert FrancisGilbert Francis Traill––Broadlands, Tunbridge WellsEnglandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
532Traill, H L NortonH L Norton TraillCaptain : F.R.G.S. & F.S.A. Scot.––Nigeria (+)Captain 4th Highland Light Infantry & Assist. Resident1913
533Traill, R HR H Traill––7 Drapers Gardens, LondonEngland––1913
534Traill, WW Traill––––UKFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
535Traill, W HW H Traill––c/o Thos. Cook & Son, Ludgate Circus, LondonEngland––1913
536Traill, WilliamWilliam Traill––Hall of Tankerness, KirkwallOrkney Islands, Scotland––1913
537Trinity College Library––––DublinIrelandLibrary1913
538Tudsbery, F W TF W T Tudsbery––St John's Mead, Woodstock Road, OxfordEngland––1913
539Turnbull, W JW J TurnbullF.S.A. Scot.16 Grange Terrace, EdinburghScotland––1913
540Unst Working Men's Society––––––Shetland Islands, Scotland––1913
541Vienna Imperial Court Library––––ViennaAustria––1913
542Wales National Library––––––Wales––1913
543Weir, WilliamWilliam Weir––46 Castle Street, EdinburghEdinburghshire, Scotland––1913
544Wesley, William & SonsWilliam Wesley & Sons––28 Essex Street, StrandEnglandAgent for this publication1913
545White, ArthurArthur White––Busta, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
546Wick Carnegie Public Library––––WickCaithness-shire, ScotlandLibrary1913
547Williamson, DavidDavid Williamson––North of Scotland Bank, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
548Williamson, David JDavid J Williamson––Blacksness, Scalloway, LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland––1913
549Williamson, JamesJames Williamson––P O Box 257, GreenwoodBritish Columbia, Canada––1913
550Williamson, LL WilliamsonReverend16 Blenheim Place, AberdeenScotlandMinister1913
551Williamson, L (Williamson & Co.)L Williamson (Williamson & Company) ––AberdeenScotlandFish Curers1913
552Wilson, J TJ T Wilson––528 Argyle Street, GlasgowScotland––1913
553WingateWingate WingateMissHooland, Colinton (now Edinburgh)Scotland––1913
554Wood, Alexander (Alex.)Alexander Wood (Alex.)––134 Montgomerie Crescent, SaltcoatsAyrshire, Scotland––1913
555Work, A LA L WorkCaptainc/o Bird & Co., Chartered Bank Buildings, CalcuttaIndiaCaptain of SS Florican1913
556Worke, C R LesslieC R Lesslie Worke––50 Queen's Gardens, Hyde Park, LondonEnglandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
557Wylie, AndrewAndrew WylieProvostStromnessOrkney Islands, ScotlandProvost of Stromness1913
558Wylie, AndrewAndrew WylieProvostStromnessOrkney Islands, ScotlandProvost of & Founder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
559Yale University––––––USAUniversity1913
560Yale University––––––USA––1913
561Young, William AndrewWilliam Andrew Young––Netherhill, Renfrew Road, PaisleyRenfrewshire, ScotlandFounder Member of The Viking Club 19061913
562Yule, R MortimerR Mortimer YuleC.M. & M.D.Ordgarff, LerwickShetland Islands, ScotlandDoctor of Medicine1913


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